Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Isn't This NOBAMA's Community Organization Group? YEP, I THINK SO!

"LAS VEGAS -- Nevada state authorities seized records and computers Tuesday from the Las Vegas office of an organization that tries to get low-income people registered to vote, after fielding complaints of voter fraud.

"Bob Walsh, spokesman for the Nevada secretary of state's office, told FOXNews.com the raid was prompted by ongoing complaints about "erroneous" registration information being submitted by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, also called ACORN.
The group was submitting the information through a voter sign-up drive known as Project Vote. "Some of them used non-existent names, some of them used false addresses and some of them were duplicates of previously filed applications," Walsh said, describing the complaints, which largely came from the registrar in Clark County, Nev. He said some registrations used the names of Dallas Cowboys football players.

"Walsh said agents from both the secretary of state's office and Nevada attorney general's office conducted the raid, and 'took a bunch of stuff.'

"ACORN spokesman Charles Jackson confirmed the group's Nevada office was raided.

"It's not the first time ACORN's been under investigation for irregularities in registration records.
"In 2006, ACORN committed what the Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed called the "worse case of election fraud" in the state's history.

"In the case, ACORN submitted just over 1,800 new voter registration forms, but there was a problem. The names were made up -- all but six of the 1,800 submissions were fakes.
The Associated Press contributed to this report."

Remember Obama was a community organizer for this criminal group and they have always practiced voter fraud. This is really change in government? I guess it is from honest to criminal!!

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Kim said...

His associations are insane, I can't believe he made it this far!