Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Look What the G Girl Learned To Do

This is what spending a day with Grandad will do for you. She learned to ride her bike or rather a bike. This was a handmedown from a friend and needed a bit of work (tires) so together my dad and G fixed this bike and he taught her to ride. Now the first comment on the lack of helmet will be deleted. You are fair warned.

I never wore a helmet learning and more than likely you didn't either. She is not on the road only in a drive way mostly of gravel and grass. My dad is right beside her the whole way down and back. I would prefer the helmet but she isn't allowed to ride any bike anywhere else without it so I don't make a stink at my parents house. The lack of wanting to wear a helmet is the reason I have not made a big deal about her not learning to ride.

But do you see the pride in her smile? She is looking up and telling her grandad that she is going to go "fastuhr, fastuhr." She absolutely couldn't wait to show me. I told her I didn't believe she learned to ride because I loved hearing her tell me how she did and how good she can do. She looked at me and said, "You are just teasin' mama. Are you just teasin'?" (about not believing she could really ride). I told her that I was just teasin'.

Anyway, I am very proud of my girl who is growing up way to fast for me!! And on her face is the left over tattoo from the fire safety day two Saturdays ago. She doesn't want it off yet.


Christy said...

Oh this just cracks me up. I sure hope the Helmet comments stay away-- did you see my major drama over a stupid helmet on Mia-- as I simpley set her on the quad with the boys and they did a tiny 10 foot circle around me so I could get a few pics. It was so stupid but of course someone had to comment-- actually a couple of comments-- wondering where her helmet was. Gove me a break-- I set her on the friggin quad for a picture-- I dont need a lecture but clearly I got one-- uggg!!

Anyway, love the pics and you can so see how proud she is of herself. Precious!!!

Christy :)

Sharon said...

HOw could she be big enought to already be on a bike!?! Amazing! THey grow up so fast.

I love her expressions, they tell the world exactly what is going on with her soul. She is so precious!!! God bless Beverly!!

PS Out here is CA you should see all the protect traditional marriage posters. I have been amazed. Of course we live in a very family friendly area.

a Tonggu Momma said...

And now her world just got a little bigger. Loved the smile!

Michelle said...

Wow...way to go, Glenys!!!!

Ellie Monster said...

She looks so proud on the bike! In the first picture, the tatoo looked like a bluetooth headset. I thought, wow, that girl sure is in with the times.

Love the new layout!

Anonymous said...

Wow! She looks like a regular pro on that bike!!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Way to go Gleynys!!!!

I grew up riding horses and my Dad would drop me and my friend off at the barn to stay all day and we were wearing shorts and tube tops and sandals. (Yes, I am telling my age!) Anyway, he will NOT let my children go to the barn to feed the horses, pet the horses and just LOOK at the horses without jeans and boots on. The horses might step on them! What?????

Vivian M said...

What a great bike! And I love that it is reused and not just thrown away, what a great way to recycle!
I love the picture of her looking up with that big proud grin. She certainly is growing up!