Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oh Look!! This Is Mine!! I Feel So Grown Up!!

This is my first political yard sign. I know I know but I had a Bush '04 sticker and before that on other cars I had Bush (I) stickers. I am so proud. I told my mom that it makes me feel like a grown up and she laughed. I said, "It is kind of like getting a whole matching set of cookware." hee hee.

Remember, go vote!! Well at least if you are voting for McCain otherwise, don't! Just kidding. No I'm not. Yes I am, seriously!


Don and Denise Sullivan said...

Love it!

Don and Denise Sullivan said...

P.S. I'm stealing your McCain/Palin button for my blog too. ha.

Vivian M said...

Congratulations on your first yard sign! May you have many more as the years go by :o)

Super Mommy said...

Hehehe - funny what makes us feel adult like!! Love the sign.

Amy said...

Great post!

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Ok, you know I love visiting you blog...that is until today, just kidding, no I am not, yes I am..ROFL. Hey, even though you are misguided I will keep coming back to hear your other ramblings.


Michelle said...

Hooray for your first political sign...if I had a yard sign right would say the same
as yours. : )

I love the new look of your blog!!!!

Mom To Six said...

Ooohh....I want one!!!

You are so funny about the vote, no don't, yes, vote! I gotta agree...VOTE...only if you're voting for McCain. Just kidding (no, I'm not!) :)