Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pics From The Blue Slides

G in action playing, running, jumping and generally loving the sunny day Sat.

She wanted "yong, yong, yong ponies" in her hair and she just about has them!! She is growing so fast and yes the shirt is too big but it is from her aunt and cousins. It is a "toad suck" shirt. It will wear long!!


amy said...

beautiful, she does know how to have fun

Super Mommy said...

Yep - I'd say those are yong, yong, yong ponies! Cute pictures I say . . . cute!

Christy said...

How cute she is!! I love how long her hair is and the pony tails are soooo cute!! She just makes me smile when I see her!!

Christy :)

Kristy said...

I love the pictures, she looks like she was having a blast and I love the PONIES!!!

Love, Kristy

Vivian M said...

Oh my, how did you ever get her out of the flip flops! Her hair is so long, love the pony tails!
You've been tagged :)
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laurel said...

She is growing so much. Man her hair really is long.

The Princess's Mommy said...

Love it!! Looks like she had a great time! Her hair is getting so long! Beautiful!!


Donna said...

Love the long hair; seems like it happened overnight. She's such a cutie.

AZMom said...

Park pictures are some of my absolute favorites! Just love the smiles and the bright colors together!