Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Picture Day Outtakes and a Few Good Ones

You think it is all rosie and rainbows around here? Don't ya' don't ya'?

Well take a look at little miss pouty puss. She didn't want to snap the top snap on her top. She didn't want that pale yellow bow that totally matches the piping on the top and she didn't want me to take a picture. Clementine was trying to diffuse the situation but she is afraid of cameras. I know strange high maintenance dog.

These were some of the better pics I took of her in my parents yard. And she wanted the one of her lying down.

Here she is near my mom's pumpkin set up in the front and on the swing on which she is actually afraid to swing. When she cooperates she really takes great pics but sometimes that cooperation comes with great difficulty.

If you want to see more of NOBAMA shenanigans check here for the full article:

"Obama, however, saw a problem with calling abortion survivors "persons." "I mean, it -- it would essentially bar abortions," said Obama, "because the equal protection clause does not allow somebody to kill a child, and if this is a child, then this would be an antiabortion statute."
For Obama, whether or not a temporarily-alive-outside-the-womb little girl is a "person" entitled to constitutional rights is not determined by her humanity, her age or even her place in space relative to her mother's uterus. It is determined by a whether a doctor has been trying to kill her."


AZMom said...

Those pictures are precious. She is too cute even when she is pouting. I'll have to post some of busy boy's last tantrum. They aren't cute LOL

Lauren and Ed said...

What a sweet l'il pumpkin!

Marla said...
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Vivian M said...

I have to say, even when Glenys is pouting she is adorable! And the pictures are beautiful, especially the outdoor ones. Tell her I love her "lying down" pose!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Did Obama say this last night??? I must have missed it! They all frustrate me honestly!

I LOVE the picture with the pumpkin and hanging over the fence. And Lottie is afraid of swings too.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh yea and pouty faces on other people's kids are adorable....but on my girl's....not so much!

Donna said...

I love the pumpkin picture. The colors are so vibrant, and the subject, of course, is adorable.