Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tagged for 7 Random Things

by Super Mommy or 7 random or weird facts about me. And since I am such a private person not living my life on the public blogosphere...BWHAHAHAHAHA! Okay, 7 random or weird things about me:

1.) I am really bad about getting my hair cut and the last time I did was 2 1/2 years ago, seriously. What? I am supposed to go once every 2 weeks? Heh, I scoff in the face of rules.

2.) I did not go to my 20th high school reunion (yes 20th) even though it was held within 1/2 mile from my house! But I was the year book editor in HS and in several academic clubs.

3.) I can't tell time on a watch/clock (not digital) if asked or put on the spot. I literally missed the day in school that was taught and didn't get the concept completely. I only wear a non-digital watch though because of it. Oh and I have to stop and count for military time so don't ever tell me something in military unless you don't want me to show up on time or at all.

4.) Anytime I return from a vacation (ie trip out of the country or city/state) it depresses me, can send me into a funk for days.

5.) I love organizational helpers but am not very organized myself. I am a pack rat without room to pack or without the knowledge of how to pack. I also am a terrible house keeper not that my mom didn't try but I end up "white washing walls" always starting never finishing!!

6.) I cannot be serious in the face of crisis, mine or anyone elses. Humor helps me handle it but sometimes (mostly) offends others around me. Humor is my coping mechanism and really not humor so much as sarcasm.

7.) I cannot read scary fiction books because the events could still happen and I have nightmares. I can read biographies of scary happenings like John Wayne Gasey or Helter Skelter because the events have already happened thus in my mind I am in no danger. I love non-fiction books best.

Okay so there are my 7 facts. Not that I don't want to pass it on but I almost think everyone has done it. I also don't have good luck getting people to do memes etc so if you want pick this up and leave a comment so we can all go see!


Vivian M said...

Oh we have something in common!

Ellie Monster said...

Now I know why we like each other so much. Despite complete opposite views on politics and religion (ha ha ha) we are so similar in every other way.
I'm a long-haired, poor-time-teling, non-reunion attending, pack-rat, scaredy-cat who uses humor when least appropriate.
I wish you'd been with me when lost on the Island. You would have enjoyed my "creative" tour before I separated from the group.