Friday, October 24, 2008

Tattle Tell, Tattle Tale, If You Tell You'll Grow a Tale

Is that how the song goes? So the call from G's teacher was enlightening, and can I just say I don't like little girls? The other little girls in G's class told her she would grow a tale if she told on people. These girls have older school age siblings. That is where G got the idea she would have a tale. Thank goodness it wasn't the teacher but I must admit to not being very sure.

The teacher told me she would have a talk with G to clarify things. I hope it works. The teacher said she didn't see the incident and acknowledged that G is rarely the instigator. Now before you assume I take Gs side for everything I assure you I don't. I know my kid can be bad. I know she has done things of her own free will before like pulling a little girl's hair when it was 3 to 1 bullying. I also discipline G for her behavior.

But what I do know is that G is a teacher pleaser, and she is introverted. She also tends to be a follower not a leader. She is well liked in her class by the other kids, but sometimes they treat her like a toy to do their bidding rather than an equal. I suspect all followers are treated as such.

Even the fighting is from older sibs of other kids. G doesn't know how to fight and has no idea it is bad. The other girls don't either as they are following what big brother or sis do. I am really hoping that, other than 2 or 3 of the kids in G's class now, none of them will be in her kindergarten class next year!! Really it is 3 girls that I really don't want around G.

G will be moritfied that I talked to her teacher, and the teacher said she melted down when she told G I had to be told about the biting. How do you teach a child to be a leader, anyone? anyone? I need the instructions and lots of prayer!!


LaLa said...

So glad you figured it out. I have to tell you it brought back memories as my 1st grade teacher acutally DID make us wear a yarn tail for telling on people!

Unfortunately you'll get rid of these three girls and new ones will arrive....

Vivian M said...

There are mean girls everywhere. I am glad it was not the teacher and even more glad that you talked to her and got this straightened out. At least the teacher is now aware of the "mean girls" in her class and of Gleny's needs.
I am still not happy about the whole thing, but as long as Glenys is not picked on any further I guess I will put my claws away...for now.
Huge hugs to that special girl of yours!

mommy24treasures said...

ahh it has to start so early
in life doesn't it??? SO sad.