Friday, October 31, 2008

What Is Up With All Of The Halloween Drama?

G doesn't like to dress up. That is the first thing you must know. The first two years home she was a cheerleader because that is what we had. Then last year she helpe make her birthday cake costume. This year I asked her to help me make an artist costume which she totally agreed to do. The problem is that we didn't start it until last night because I am a bit of a procrastinator very busy single mom. So after the flu shot yesterday, my parents kept G for me all day. The original plan was for me to pick her up at school and then we would do her costume at home. Well, since I didn't have to pick her up I thought I might just pop in and early vote.

Big mistake, as our county has one location for early voting and had already set a record by 5pm. Well, to early vote you have to have an application that lists the normal voting place to know what ballot to use. I almost got my slip and decided to wait until Tuesday except that in our county once you have the slip you have to vote in early voting or not at all. Some folks will be very surprised on Tuesday by the way. So I decided to stay. It took 1 1/2 hours.

I got home, let the dog out, picked up the materials for the costume and headed to my parents. I got to my parents at 8ish. Told them about not getting to vote on Tuesday and that was why I stayed only to find out that when they had attempted to vote early, they got the "slip" and dad refused to wait in line. They had planned to vote on Tuesday. So my info was timely as they voted today.

I gave G and grammie the materials for the costume (an old shirt of mine and fabric paint) and let them have at it. My idea was to have paint splotches on the "smock" but G decided she wanted pictures: a smiley face and her blankie. Fabric paint as you may or may not know must dry overnight. So we left the shirt at grammie's to dry which left her costumeless for the party today. ARGH!

Driving home I started thinking because necessity is the mother of invention and all mother's get creative in order to let their kids participate!! I came up with a 1950's teeny-bopper. I pulled G's white polo T-shirt (too expensive to paint on but the only white shirt she has thanks to cousin E.), a pair of blue jeans, and a black plastic jacket from cousin M. I showed G the outfit and told her what she would be and her response was "What's a 1950s?" Of course I had no pics of what I had in mind so explaining was a bit difficult.

Anyway, my mom this morning was in town for an early Bible study and I called her to ask her to drop by afterward. I got G dressed and oh how cute she looked. But the cuffed-jeans were "like a widdle bit too tight" and the scarf I was going to tie in her pony caused tears. She didn't want to wear a ribbon. My mom loved the outfit and tried to convince G of the scarf but it was an absolute no go!! Literally tears, can you believe it?

Oh and just so you know I am not being the ogre mom deciding G's costumes from my own cheapness, G has two brand new cinderella outfits!! She will not wear them. I offered to let her go as "HannahOntana" (having not a clue how to pull that off last minute) but after explaining that a wig was a hot hat of other people's hair she said no to that.

So she went to school as the teenybopper and tonight she will parade as an artist complete with palate of paint colors, paint brush, smock and beret (which she doesn't like at all). I will post those pics tomorrow. For now, since I have kept you waiting, in all her finest still pouting teenage angst is G back to the future from 1950:

The first pic is the same face I got when I put the beret on her head!! She said, "Am I gonna wear dis all night?" I said, "Yes." That went over like a ton of bricks!!


Jill said...

Poor kid! No offense, but I am glad we are not alone! Lucy laso refuses to dress up. We did manage to keep her in her current Halloween costume last weekend, but it was not easy. I figured she couold always dress in her finest Chinese duds and be a Chinese princess! Good luck tonight and have fun!

Vivian M said...

Aw, I feel for Glenys. I hope she enjoys her artist costume later today! Have a safe Halloween and lots of fun!