Thursday, October 30, 2008

White By Association

Today was flu shot day. G and I went early (8:00am) and were still number 23. Doors opened at 8. Today where I live the flu shot is free by the health department. My parents went getting there later than us but still in time to see my very brave girl not crying AT ALL. She was so brave. We had talked about her being brave and that Grandad might have some candy. He did have gum and she agreed to be brave. Plus they decided to keep her all day and not make her go to school, because, well, "I don't wike school."

Are you wondering about the title? Well, while completing the paperwork for the flu shot with all pertinent information (and race of course is pertinent to getting a flu shot, right?) the worker completes G's paperwork in front of me as G is right beside me. The worker is AA and marks "white" for G's race. Never-mind that she already saw her, and said how cute she was.

I said, "Um, she's not white; she is Chinese. That would be Asian/Pacific Islander, right there" pointing to the correct box. She looked at me then at G and back to me. She marked through her initial check and marked the Asian box. I took it to the next lady who also did the double take on the mark at me and G and back then waved us on.

I thought, poor G being defined by with whom she is as opposed to who she is. So she is white by association. How confusing that is.

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Vivian M said...

Wow, that is weird. I would never expect someone to do that. I wonder why they did it?
Kudos to Glenys for her bravery!