Thursday, October 09, 2008

"Working" From Home

I am working from home. I am working on the presentation of November 7th and am discovering that I may have procrastinated a bit too long. As excited as I was when awarded the spot now working off the list we divied up now I am not so much excited. Actually a little nervous. I may post the fully written pieces here just as a test. I am a better writer than a speaker and not a good writer!

Now instead of posting one whole post with one whole article I will post sections of a couple of articles with links. Go read these for yourself.

"How 25 Years of Gay Activism in Hollywood Has Paid Off (please click the link for the whole article)
by Robert Knight

"'History proves that social change drives legal and political progress. To succeed as a community, we must transform the way millions of Americans feel about us.'

"With a record number of homosexual characters on television, and only pro-gay story lines, it’s not surprising that polls show that Americans are becoming increasingly accepting of homosexuality.

"The activists are well on their way toward their goal of recasting traditional sexual morality as a form of bigotry. The next step will be to bring government muscle down on traditionalists – just like they’re doing right now in Canada and Europe."

"The Real Obama: Part III
by Thomas Sowell

"'I owe those unions,' he has said frankly. 'When their leaders call, I do my best to call them back right away. I don't consider this corrupting in any way.'

"Only other politicians' special interests are called "special interests" by Barack Obama, whose world-class ability to rationalize is his most frightening skill.

"Even when he verbally endorses the reform idea of merit pay for teachers, he cleverly re-defines merit so that it will be measured by teachers themselves, rather than by "arbitrary tests." In other words, Obama placates critics of the educational status quo by being for merit pay in words, while making those words meaningless, so as not to offend the teachers' unions."

NOBAMA is a very scary Chicago politician as corrupt as can be. Why do people not see that this politician is no statesman and hates babies who are true burdens or inconveniences especially if they aren't killed during the process of an abortion. He is against DOMA. He is against family values and hates America, esp white America. Read his books. He is as much a racist as the biggest redneck you can think of but because he is a democrat he is the "saviour" of our country? Come on people!! Wake the helk up!!


Sharon said...

You would like my dad! I should email you some of the things he emails me just for fodder. I ve said it once and i'll say it again, you go girl. you are my outspoken hero. I still think McCain will somehow pull a win but just remrember we survived Clinton we can survive Obama.

Marla said...

preach on girlfriend!

Kristy said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!! Isn't it just amazing how gullible people are, and they jump on the fan wagon and really not even know who they are following!!!!! I agree with Sharon, you are also my outspoken hero and I pray so hard that mcCain pulls it out, but I just don't want to have to SURVIVE Obama!!! Keep posting girlie!!!!

Love, Kristy

Vivian M said...

Good luck on your presentation, I know you will write up a great one!