Sunday, November 23, 2008

Friday Morning and Other Ramblings

Let me tell you what happened Friday morning. When I got up and headed to the kitchen I smelled something electrical and heard something not good. The dishwasher that I had started the night before got stuck in cycle and basically for all intents and purposes almost caught fire. I am not sure how much longer it would have gone without erupting. The little dial-y timer thingy stopped working. I think that is the mechanism that tells the dishwasher to do the next thing and if it gets stuck well, there you go.

Now let me tell you, I am a a lot wee bit paranoid of the house catching fire anyway. I think I inherited my grandmother's fear of that. We are living in her re-done house as it is. I am mainly afraid of losing my pictures, videos (of G), her COC (um yeah it should be at the bank in a lock box), did I mention pictures? Not to mention my souvenirs from all of the places I have visited. I can't imagine losing my pictures and souvenirs!! Everything with sentimental value is what I do not want to lose.

Anyway, I was a lot wee bit freaked out about it. And the dishwasher baked the soap scum onto my stainless steel French press that I use every morning. Now it looks ugly. Tell me what to clean stainless steel with?

And Friday night (when I am actually typing this) I almost killed my dog with an absent minded dumb move. I dumped my chicken bones in the trash without even thinking. The dog got it out and ate every bone. Chicken bones split and can stick in the throat of dogs. How stupid was that? I didn't even notice how excited she got when I did that. She knew immediately what I was doing! I can't be out smarted by a dog; I already am by the 4 year old.

Third Thing update that is well overdue. So the company where I am currently employed is owned by 4 guys. One is the money only and in it by name only. Three others actually work there. One is the operations guy and took back over the financial area. One is only supposed to do admin stuff and get standard operating procedures in order and one is the sales guy. So the operations guy is sort of a tough, harley riding, navy vet, dude. He is nice enough but seems to like to stir stuff up a bit. The sales guy is rarely there and the admin guy was my boss then wasn't my boss but I still deal with him on a regular basis.

Anyway, the operations guy has been out due to a surgery. Today he came back just for a bit. There is an office girl who is young and immature but she believes she is his favorite (and may well be). So she decorates his door today with color printed pics off the Internet of Harley's and other pics. Well one of the pics was of a for all intents and purposes a nekkid woman on a harley. Oh yes she did. See what I mean about immature? She even told him not to take the pic home because his wife might not appreciate it. Now I am just thinking and I really could be wrong, but if you have to tell someone not to take it home b/c of the spouse, do you really think it would be appropriate to put on the door of an office?!?!?!?

I e-mailed him and asked (not quite so innocently) why he had a "na*ked woman" on the door. I wanted him to know without saying so how offended I was by it. And yes I was. And wanted to point out how ridiculous that was on a door of a CEO (which he is). I wasn't so much bothered by the whole decorations or idea of welcome back decorations until I saw that one. The company is small right now, but receptionists usually don't have that kind of access to the office doors of CEOs. If you want a large professional company then you have to encourage everyone to act in a professional manner!!
And everyone pretty much scoots out on Fridays well before 5pm. I know I am late in the mornings (but that was my employment agreement) but I do make my time up over lunch because I rarely go out. I work late some evenings and eat lunch at my desk working (or reading blogs) so I am not the job police or the professional police. I do get my stuff done though and wouldn't dream of putting up nekkid pics of women (scantily clad males now that is a different story, heh). But really, no skin please-male or female in a place of business. Save that for your own home!

Other than that, 3rd thing is going well and I am kind of liking it. We did have one GAWD AWWFUL payroll last week while I was training my "backup" where he didn't have all the appropriate security needed to actually process all of the checks nor did he have the appropriate access to sign (computer sign) the checks so over 500 checks were printed without signatures! Oh yes they were. That sent me into a slight tizzy because it appeared to me that if one of the owners wants someone to back me then they needed to have figured out what security level was needed to do this.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

Man, sounds like you have had an interesting time these past few days... Deep breaths and maybe this week will be better? :)

The Byrd's Nest said...

Wow....what a time you have had! First of all, in a "big people" office someone actually decorated another person's office door? Interesting.

So sorry about the dishwasher and feedling the dog chicken bones. You didn't mean to....

Big hugs to you!

Vivian M said...

Glad the dog and home are OK, how scary!
Thanks for the tag, I will get to the meme tomorrow. We have had a busy weekend.
As for the decor, um, well it was totally inapporpriate, no matter how close those two are. You did the right thing in speaking up if it was offensive to you.

Kristy said...

Thank God that nothing worse happened, I have that same fear, it is not the house I am worried about, it is my pictures and movies of my kids and family. I am just so darn thankful that nothing caught on fire.

Love, Kristy

Super Mommy said...

Your dishwasher mishap is scary. I do what you did - turn it on and go to bed . . . will think twice about that now.

Glad your doggy is okay :) - your office sounds very interesting to say the least.

Ellie Monster said...

Oh, so, inappropriate! Is this boss someone she might have a crush on? Or she wants him to have a crush on her? Did he respond to you?

AZMom said...

Ya, I would have been a tad offended by that picture too. Yeesh.

Glad, overall, your job is going well. That is great to hear!

AZMom said...

And oh ya, on the near fire...been there, done that too. Fire is my biggest fear and has been since I was a kid. I used to have nightmares of being trapped in a burning house. Even now, I think of all we could lose (and ya, my kid's COC's are still in my house) I get all creeped out.