Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fw: Everybody, I need your help!!

Forwarded from my sister in law. Please vote for Betsy.

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Note from my sis in law:

My very cute cousin, Betsy, is trying to win an on-air spot with her local
news station in Indianapolis. They'll be choosing the finalists based on
the number of on-line votes she receives. I was hoping the family could
continue to submit votes, but it doesn't seem to allow more than one
entry per email address. If you'd be willing to cast your vote for her,
please follow the link below. Thanks! We keep crossing our fingers that
one of us will be famous! :) Jen

Note from Betsy the contestant:
Okay, so some of you know this, some don't. Here's the skinny.
Channel 8 (Wishtv and Wndy) here in Indy had auditions for 
the New "Face of WNDY" for 2009.  It's a year contract where
the choosen one will do PR, On Camera Spots, MCing at charity 
events, and a bunch of other stuff.   The initial two rounds 
were open auditions.  Then they chose the top ten.... and.....
I made the top ten!  SO - the ten of us when into the studio 
last week and did an on camera spot of why we should be the 
face of wndy.    It was just put on the website this evening.  
SOOOOO - Please please please go on the website and VOTE FOR ME!!!!  :)
They will be determining the top five next and then announcing 
the winner.  I think this round of voting goes on through the 
end of November.  So vote vote vote....It appears you can vote 
as much as you like.  (hint hint)  And if you don't mind sending 
the message out to your friends and family.  It is time to spread 
the word! Here's the link.  Or you can just go to www.wndy.com
and click on the FaceOfMyNDY tab at the top.     
Thanks so much everyone!  Betsy    


Heather said...

Well, I went and voted, Betsy is #2 in rankings at 18% but #1 is at 51%. Think you'll need all your readers to vote for her.
Heather BT
BTW she did seem like a good, fun and intelligent choice.

Donna said...

I voted. I can see why Betsy made the top 10.

Vivian M said...

Wishing her the best of luck! Going to vote right now....

Doug and Terrye said...

Just voted for Betsy...she is obviously the best choice :)

Terrye in FL