Wednesday, November 26, 2008

G Conversations, Other Ramblings and YUCK!

School grade and school picture and yes she is in pink silk short set. Who knew. It was a hand-me-down from a cousin and I didn't pay that much attention, heh. At least she was changed into regular clothes after that.

Okay the YUCK first. I am sitting at the dining room table where I have the computer set up and the dog is under the table licking on my ankle, YUCK! Slimey dog tongue!!

Now on to the G Conversations:

Monday night G said she wanted to "Read my fova islands." If you want to make this a fun game, tell me what she meant and I will send you real live G "ark work" signed by her and everything.

G and I had a pre-Thanksgiving Chinese dinner tonight at the Chinese restaurant in town. At dinner G looked at me and said "Can you just not wait until I can show A how to swing on the tire swing?" Of course that is another month away!

Just said, "Guess what? When I get mahrwied (married) I'm gonna kiss."
Me: "You are?"
G: "Yes, that is what you do when you get mahrwied."

Since I was off work early I even got some Christmas shopping done, 4 puzzles, 3 activity books (clearance), 1 color book (clearance), a large sticker set and a loom (2.99) to make potholders and bracelets (do you remember those?). It is all in the back of the SUV away from peering eyes. Fred's dollar store had this all for under $20.

G is not very observant. When we came home last night there was a package at the door. She didn't see it and I convinced her to lets go in the back door to let the dog out (for no other reason than to let me hide the package because I think it is her race car set or legos, not sure) and she agreed without question. Ooo this Christmas maybe a snap! Two DVDs came in, and although she saw the packages she has all but forgotten them by now, heh!

Now the shopping for my last niece and nephew is not going well, meaning I have no idea what to get them. And at what feels like the last minute one sibling has asked to draw names for the grandkids cause they are flying in and I don't blame them but Thanksgiving is too late for some of us. The gifts I have gotten so far won't wait another year. I told them I didn't really care but half of the gifts were already purchased or made. I need a frame for the parents to put some pics of G in and I can call that done. The sibs are getting homemade ornaments from G and Me. Oh that could so be a great name of a store, G and Me. And I am copyrighting it right now, heh.

Mom's bday is Dec 1. This past spring when I still had renter's I got 10 peony bushes (on sale from a flower mag she gets) so 5 of those were hers and 5 mine. G will make her a card and I am calling that one done too! I am going to start (have started) addressing the Christmas cards. I will know after getting them addressed how many extra I have and if you are interested I can send one. I may end up with 20 or 30 cards. I well over ordered but got a really good deal on cards this year from Shutterfly.

Two more holidays to get through and her A Year in the Life of G book for her SWI will be completed. I will order one for us eventually and pair it down a bit for the SWI, I mean they don't need pages of pics of the animals from the zoo do they?

Okay, now my car has been smelling like burning rubber after I drive it. So since I was off early today I stopped by a garage (closed) then the oil change place. I went in and said, "I don't want an oil change but can you tell me what in my car is making it smell like burning rubber?" The mechanic (manager I think), said he couldn't smell anything since he was a smoker and "maybe you should take up smoking." I kid you not. He told me I should take up smoking so I can't smell the burning rubber!!! Anyway, two other mechanics couldn't smell it either and so I went ahead and got the air filter changed because it needed it and has for at least a year, oops.


Anonymous said...

Well, now, why DON'T you just take up smoking?! Some people's reasoning can leave you scratching your head in disbelief, for sure!!!

Sounds like you have Christmas preparations well in hand! Wish I was half as organized as you are!

I am baffled by the fova islands...?

Glenys is quite the entertaining conversationalist!!!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

Beautiful pictures!

Kristy said...

Aren't people just amazing sometimes!!!! Take up smoking!! Good gosh!!! Anyway I love reading your ramblings, you just crack me up sometimes!!! Thank you for that!


Vivian M said...

The picture is cute! And I love her writing skills, great job Glenys!
We are working on holiday shopping too. I may have to send things in different packages.
No idea what fova islands is!
Hope the burning rubber smell is nothing.
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Kelley said...

That is a beautiful picture of Glenys! I also really enjoy her write them so cleverly! Happy Thanksgiving!

fricke92 said...

I always figure dog slobber is good for the skin! :)

Have a happy Thanksgiving