Thursday, November 06, 2008

G Conversations

This morning G asked if she could bring Tiger to school with her. I said, "You have giraffe, isn't that enough?" She said, "Giraffe wore me out at nap, mama. He just skriggles and wiggles and squirmies and keeps me up."

Heh heh. Sounds like me telling G how she wears me out by not letting me sleep. And Wed. night she beat the stew out of me for whatever reason. I woke up to little hands wacking me and feet kicking. I asked her Thursday morning what she dreamed and she said, "The wickie witch and the uggie man and a beast."

I asked if the beast was like in Beauty and the beast or not. She said, "the beast was nice and beat everybody but and beat me up." Oh my no wonder she beat on me she was fending off her bad dreams. In actuality it was probably a cat stepping on her.


AZMom said...

LOL that is too cute! Bug will also say her animals keep her awake. I have to remind her that they are pretend and SHE is the one keeping HERSELF awake LOL

Vivian M said...

What a great imagination! Sorry you are getting beat up though.