Monday, November 10, 2008

G Pics and Other Conversations

Yesterday before church, G posed herself and her Tiger who happens to be named, Lion Tiger Like, and said, "Mama, you are going to want a picture of dis." How could I resist? She said she was the queen and Tiger was the king and blankie the throne.

Don't you just love that smile? She is so precious to me!!

She tells me everyday as I get dressed how much she likes the fat around my arms when I put my underclothes on. (I am trying to keep this rated under PG). She pokes at me and says, "Oh I just wuv it when you wear dat." UGH! Getting dressed to an audience is never fun!!


Heather said...

Yeah, I hear ya, luckily this one can't tell how over weight I am ;)
Heather BT

Susan said...

She's such a funny girl. No telling what Petunia is going to say about my less-than-toned body. She's already noticing it isn't the way it should be. *sigh* At least you're loved for yours.

Sherri said...


My 5 year old always tells me that my tummy is fat.


Vivian M said...

What a beautiful smile! She is adorable. And my daughter likes to point things out too, which is why I try not to get dressed in front of her too often, sheesh!

Lauren and Ed said...

She is so funny..and adorabale too! :)