Tuesday, November 11, 2008

House Update

First off what started as a contentious phone call from the renter, I finally got an answer about why he is breaking rent. They are buying a house out of state. Yea! Good for them. I figured by renting together they would figure out what they do and do not like about a house and buy one. Selfishly I would have rather they waited until the market picks up. But that is not their concern. I had sent a letter to them asking that no one be home when I had the realtor (over yesterday at noon) and he totally misread the letter and called very upset.

So bad news with the realtor, until they are out of the house I can't put it on the market. Just wouldn't be wise, we need to list it with a bang so it needs to be empty of the clutter (moving clutter). Second, I have to pay for a yard guy to get it ready etc. The realtor is going to set me up with her yard man so that will be budgeted in towards Dec pay.

Next, when a realtor pulls my house up apparently it does an auto compare and a starting suggested price which is $10K less than I owe. Meanwhile, this realtor is going house hunting in my old neighborhood to see what the competition is like. In a few days or closer to putting out the sign she will tell me a price to set the house.

I need all prayer warriors to pray that this house sells and I don't owe anything on it at all not sales commissions, closing costs, repairs or anything. I have no money to bring anywhere so it needs to sell and be all encompassing. And if not, then I need a renter in it until the market comes back.

Obama promises to stop the rising of the oceans, so maybe he can work a miracle on my behalf.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

At least you have some facts to work with now.. Good luck!

laurel said...

Love the picures below of Glenys! Love the ludybug shirt. She sure has a great smile to go along iwth her great personality. Good luck on the house. I hope you get a miracle too. As for me, I am not hoping for a miracle, just that I still have a business.

Sherri said...

I feel your pain. When we moved to where we live now, the housing market was not what we would have liked. We ended up being $10,000 under on our previous house. It stinks.

I will pray for you that everything works out favorably. And that the renters get out quickly and with no damage!


Marla said...

Many prayers for a quick sale.

Vivian M said...

I hear you....my home went on the market when the bubble burst and I had to take an offer that was 20K below what it was worth. It took over 6 months to sell, and it was totally renovated and in move in condition!
I will pray things work out way better for you.

Lauri said...

Praying for ya..