Thursday, November 06, 2008

I Think I Know The Difference Between Conservatives and Liberals

After spending and excruciating exhilarating day defending my views on that yahoo group and being told to basically buzz off (not a direct comment as I was threatened removal by posting my own comment), I have come to a few conclusions on the difference between social conservatives and liberals.

First off I think conservatives are pessimistically hopeful. By that I mean conservatives think and believe that anyone can get anywhere in the US social strata by hard work (hopeful). We think however that when one group demands to be recognized and given special treatment, we see the slippery slope that other groups (even more damaging) could demand special treatment and have justification to demand it (pessimistic).

Liberals on the other hand are optimistically despairing. By that I mean, they feel it is only with government hand outs that someone could try for moving up the social ladder but they would be better served on the government dole (despair). They think that if they set up certain perimeters around a special group that everyone will totally understand that it applies to no other group or action (optimistic).

Lets take the matter of abortion as an example. Conservatives say that a poor girl who made a poor choice and got preggers out of wedlock still has a chance to make a life for herself and her child with hard work and determination or can give the child up for adoption and still make her own life (hopeful). Liberals say, no that baby is a punishment-here child you are too young let the government take care of that baby (abortion) and put you on welfare so you don't have to think or act or move, we will take care of you (despairing).

Conservatives say, abortion will lead to infanticide and euthanasia and child abuse will increase(pessimism). Liberals say, oh no it will actually reduce pregnancies and go no further (optimism). Now go to Oregon and talk to the older and ill people who can't get insurance to pay for treatment for oh say cancer but will pay in full the amount of pills to commit suicide. Look at the need for the born alive infants protection act. And child abuse has increased to un-fathomable levels and those are the "wanted" children.

Second, conservatives are forced to listen and hear and see and hear and listen over and over (you get the point) the liberal's point of view. Conservatives are getting an ear full so much so that we drown in the liberal POV. Liberals on the other hand don't have a clue what conservatives believe or why and are not going to hear it or search it out. I heard a speaker say that when he goes to debate a liberal he wins because he knows their arguments and they haven't even figured out how to research ours.

Third, conservatives think if something doesn't make good money sense then it needs to be re-thought and re-done. Liberals think if it doesn't make good money sense then the government with high taxes needs to subsidize it. Let's take Air America for example. The liberal talk radio station that couldn't support itself because the normal, regular Americans don't like people calling them intolerant or bigots or racists and telling them to share the wealth. Now the Dems are trying to bring back the fairness doctrine to subsidize liberal leftist propaganda. That will essentially kill conservative radio that is self sufficient because normal, regular Americans agree with and consider themselves socially conservative.

Fourth, conservatives think unions have served their purpose and the only ones getting rich in them are the union bosses. Liberals (Obama specifically) want to give unions more power to bully their way into businesses. The deal is unions on the whole give to liberal causes with money paid by (forced into them) conservative members.

Fifth, conservatives truly think American is the greatest nation on the earth and only small government will make it better. Liberals feel that every socialist country is better than America and only big government to "spread the wealth" will make it right.

Sixth, conservatives think. Liberals feel. 'nuff said.

Seventh, conservatives live out their talk. Liberals live by the motto do as I say not as I do.

Eighth, conservatives want children to be children and not think about sex or sexual orientation in kindergarten. Liberals want to indoctrinate kindergartners with the homosexual idea so they will be pre-disposed to agree with all of the agenda of the left.

Ninth, conservatives think parents can and should be the main directors of their children's education. Liberals feel that parents are too stupid and the government should take that on.

Tenth, conservatives tend to believe that freedom and equality are very important concepts and should apply to all even those still pre-born children. Liberals believe that "unwanted" children are punishments to their bio parents.

I could go on but attempting to defend my views and those of quite a few other people today then being told basically that what I say is of no import to any discussion and to just get off the board, will just wear a girl out. I have tender little feelings and want to be liked by everybody, doesn't everyone? But I guess I have a higher calling and the One I serve wasn't liked by everyone so I should not worry too much, and I'm not. It is never fun to be belittled and ridiculed but I spoke truth (can't post everything here).

I wasn't trying to change any minds (I didn't) but I was letting the social conservative view be heard (it wasn't just ignored). Oh well, the fight must go on or we will be the New South Canada or North Mexico or Amfranceica.

So tell me, did I hit the mark?


Anonymous said...

You have courage that is for sure. I think many conservatives would agree with your post and liberals would switch around some of your words. Sorry to hear about your Yahoo group. Hope things cool down!

Amy said...

We need to start today to pray for 2012! I like Governor Tim Pawlenty. What do you think?

Kristy said...

Perfectly said!!!!

cheepette8 said...

That's what stinks about yahoo groups. I got so tired of being blasted I just left a bunch of them. They are great because you get to know other people, but there is always so much drama. Bigs hugs to you especially with your job drama as well.

Kim said...

Great post!