Friday, November 07, 2008

In Response to the Board Comments

(Warning: If you are tired of the yahoo board drama stop now. I have pics of G coming tomorrow as well as a conversation and an update on the adoption conference. Otherwise continue at your own risk.)

What I tried to do was to point out the total lack of tolerance on the board and to defend AR from the name calling because A) they didn't have the facts and B) the media has skewed it terribly wrong. The main intent was not barring gays if it was it could have been written like Florida's laws. The main intent was stability but the whole point was lost in the totally intolerance of those responding to me and half reading what I wrote.

My point about Christian families wasn't that they should adopt to have no more orphans but if they did adopt all the orphans there would be enough families to match the orphan population. Also, Jewish families do adopt and I have no problem with that at all. Muslims unless they are only Muslim in name only and not according to their own scripture do not adopt.

(In response to specific comment about my teaching G "wrong" ideas)
Next G is going to be taught God's way in the Bible not only by me but by her Sunday School class etc. She will know that all life is valuable from conception to death no matter of a disability. She will know that if someone disrespects that life and takes it they should be punished especially if it was pre-meditated by death or jail for life. She will know that sexual orientation is a behavior.

The point there is behaviors can be changed and stopped. I tried to argue logic there pointing out that a pedophiles sexual orientation is toward children (yes it is wrong and sick and everything) and a promiscuous person's sexual orientation is for more than one partner (could have something to do with past childhood abuse) and homosexual's sexual orientation is toward the same sex and a heterosexual's sexual orientation is toward the opposite sex.

See the point I am making is someone using who they wish to have sex with or are attracted to should not give them special rights. But pedophiles are vile so no one can see past the word and then claim I am being offensive because the families who are gay that they know are loving people. Well guess what? Pedophiles are sometimes upstanding citizens of a community, a judge, lawyer, police, teacher. And are loving to those who they are not abusing.

See my point is also saying that homosexuality was a mental illness listed in the DSM and only removed due to lobbying not research so to say well pedophilia is an illness and homosexuality isn't is basically to not look at history. I said in roughly 40 years it will be very easy for pedophiles to be an acceptable form of sexual behavior just as homosexuality is because there is a movement in the world that feels sex after age 8 is too late. Right now it is sort of underground but NA*M*B*LA has made its intentions clear and plan to piggy back on the homosexual "rights" movement. And that is probably how long homosexuality took to truly become "main stream America" even though they are 3% of the population holding a great deal a lot of money so they aren't impoverished enough to get the minority status.

I did become very frustrated because people read into my meanings and refused to think through what I was saying exactly. They set up the straw men and used personal friends as reasons why homosexuality is wrong. They called me names and told me to basically shut up.

And about religion, everyone is religious. God created us to worship Him but we in our sinfulness chose to worship the creation rather than the creator. So we worship sexual expression, entertainment, education, political parties, and everything else we can think of. So to say that religion isn't an identity is wrong. It is. The identifying with a religion or denomination is different. Our being created to worship is one distinction between us and animals.

I really could care less what people believe and how they live their lives but when they attempt to infringe on my freedoms or on the way I teach my daughter or by calling me names to make me stop talking or to tell me not to post my opinions; that I won't stand for.

The gay agenda is infringing on my rights to speak out against a behavior that harms the participants. There are too many men and women who have come out of the lifestyle to declare the discussion dead. But to then say those people weren't really gay undermines them and their message.

You know when Jesus said, "Have you not read, that He which made them at the beginning made them male and female, for this cause shall a man leave father and mother and shall cleave to his wife and they shall be one flesh." See by defining marriage as one male and one female He negates every other sexual relationship. He by defining the relationship excludes other relationships as not what was intended from God's hand. Matthew 19:4-18.

And here is the other thing. God gave us His truth for us to know. You and I can know truth. Just a cursory glance at the Bible though won't get it to you. And you are right I suffer from the sin of pride which is just as bad as homosexuality, pedophilia, murder, gossip, lying, stealing, not respecting parents, promiscuity and all of them because in God's eyes they are all equal. It is the state that defines them as one worse than the other which the state should because God gave the state to protect the innocent and punish the guilty.

But I am not intolerant in the new definition that is floating around. I don't think all ideas or equal and I shouldn't because they aren't. God gave the perfect ideas and they are easy to see.

Truths that are opposing or opposite can't both be truth. That is the nature of truth. Opinions can fall all over the place but not truth so her truth will not be different from mine. Either hers will be truth or mine will but they won't both be truth.

Makes me sad to see people make categorical mistakes in arguments of any kind. Chirst was belittled and killed for his truths. He was hated as He changed the hearts of the sinners He ate and drank with so that they no longer acted in the ways they had previously. He pushed back against the religious leaders but He never sanctioned sin at the same time. He told the woman caught in adultery that she was forgiven and to go and sin no more. What do you think she did? He means for us to look to Him for His truth but to not sanction sin.

Christian is about relationship with Christ who died on the cross for ALL SINS even for those who hate Him. I am sorry this keeps droning on and on but I am getting off the intolerant board for a bit, just deleting messages. It is funny, one person is telling her friends how "nutty" I am and they are coming here and one even said, "They are right, you are nutty." Hmmm. So no I don't post those comments. So if you are stopping by Thanks, and while you are here purchase some of the stuff on the side bar, Thanks.

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