Sunday, November 30, 2008

Just Ramblings, Now With Pictures

No, we are not striking a pose. We are striking, however, to not wear that skirt. All I heard today at church and after church and after nap and after dinner was, "I di-dent wanna wear dat outpit." Or "You made me wear dat and I di-dent want to." My sister, Godloveher, picks up the cutest outfits for G but her belief in child rearing is a bit different than mine. Rather maybe I should say I am lazier than she is when it comes to clothing on children.
See my niece would balk at an outfit picked out by my sister only once then she would wear it thanks to the smack on the leg. G balks and balks and continues on ad nausea and knows she can wear me down smack or no smack. We attempt compromise but her compromise is this- you don't make me wear that and I will let you escape my wrath, mkay? I am too tired to fight the clothing battle; plus I know what it is like to not want to wear something only to be forced so I just don't.
So my sis picks up skirts or skorts and G refuses to wear them. I also get the "You shouldn't give her opinions, bad mommy" comments from her and my mom. So this morning I struck a deal that I have yet to live down. This deal was that after this pic and wearing it to church she will never have to wear the skirt again, AMEN! Anyway these were the best pics I got because in her strike, she refused to smile.
I asked her why she doesn't like to wear skirts and her answer was, "It makes me jealous with people." I asked her if she knew what jealous meant and she said no. I asked if she thought people were jealous of her looking cute and she said yes. She can't stand for someone to point out how cute she is in her outfits. That is the bottom line, she doesn't like the attention. Anyway, the t-shirt is really cute with jeans so it is a keeper.
She told me also that "It would make you sad if you were me and you weared dis outpit." Yes she can come up with some sad faces too. And after church we had to go to wally'sworld for a new mattress pad because last night was the first really bad bed wetting accident (don't tell her I told you because she will be very embarrassed) and I had no way to change my whole bed (and good momma blogger took no pics). So I had to rig up the mattress pad with towels and baby mattress pad thingies. I decided we needed two mattress covers, one to stay clean at all times in case of bad accidents like last night.
I also must say I didn't get upset but here is a secret about me, if I have been asleep and am woken up I am overly emotional and want to cry. I caught myself feeling that lump in my throat last night. It is just pure exhaustion not for any reason other than being awake late.
Poor baby didn't mean to and I know it. I also have sympathy for her for I too was a bed-wetter, extremely heavy sleeper and could not wake up. G, I don't believe, is a bed wetter. For not wearing pull-ups to bed since August and having this only one major-sheet-changing-accident, I think she will not be classified as a bed-wetter.
Anyway, sorry about the bed wetting side track but I had to set the scene. While driving home from wallyworld, G fell asleep so hard that I put what I bought up, moved her from the car to the bed, made a tomato (and pepperoni pie), changed clothes, got in bed with her and we took a good two hour nap. No lunch in there. She was so tired, and a bit sick with a low grade temper temper, yeah! just in time for the holidays, snark.
Boxes are so much fun! These boxes became the center for play this evening before Grammie and Grandad picked her up for church. She sat in one and had a tea party on the other. She wondered where they came from (her Christmas came in them and no the gifts are not that big) but I of course told her I had no idea (and said it with a straight face). At age 4 she believes that, heh.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

Oh man, I'm so not ready for Leala to be picking out her own clothes, or refusing to wear something I think she should..

All of the pictures are great! She is such a cutie. :)

marilyn said...

I'm with you on not fighting the clothing battles. Emilia's been choosing her own clothes for quite a while. She's happy and we all get some good laughs (and pics). I just make sure her teacher (and everyone else) knows she chooses her clothes. She also chooses Jimmy's, but I have the final say on those:)

Christy said...

Poor baby:( The bed wetting thing is so hard on their little self esteems and it seems like she does not like the attention-- poor thing. Dont worry-- none of us in blogger land will tell you told. The outfit is totally cute but when they get their minds around the fact that they dont want to wear something-- it is all over-- they will wear you down until you cant do anything but give in :)

Anyway, cute pics and give her a hug for all us!

Christy :)

laurel said...

I love her houtfit. IN the second picture, she looks like a true model. Wow! What apose. Love the tea set too. And on the "new deal" Amen to everything.

Vivian M said...

Kerri has been picking her own outfits since she was 2. Most of the time nothing matches but she is so proud of herself!
I like the pose, even if it really wasn't on purpose.

Couchkat said...

Too bad she does not like the outfit. It's just too cute on her!

cheepette8 said...

I feel your pain. Maddie has one pair of jeans that she wants to wear all the time and I have to drag them off of her to wash them. Oh yea she also always wears two shirts. I can't imagine how she will be when she's 12. I love the pictures and I love the outfit.

Dianne said...

Oh my, she sounds like my Allison. We had an issue over clothing for 2 hours before church yesterday and continued to have the issue after church. Actually, this happens almost every Sunday morning.

Donna said...

I only fight the clothes battle for holidays. Any other time, it's just not worth it. Glenys does look very cute in the outfit; she has the pouty model look down cold.

AZMom said...

Ya, Bug has gotten to the point of what she will and will not wear and has since she was about 5. She, on the other hand, loves dresses and skirts. LOL

It does sound like the bed wetting was indeed an accident. It's always better to be prepared though.

I do love your stories and the way you write exactly what and how she talks. I can "hear" her in your stories!