Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Response to Very Intolerant Comments Directed at Christians

Who happen to believe that homosexual foster care and adoption is not a good thing as gay marriage is not a good thing. This is from a yahoo group to which I belong and will probably get kicked off of now. Oh well, my views are far too conservative for the extreme liberals on this board.

"And it is not wrong to hold the views that singles shouldn't adopt just as it is equally not wrong to hold the views that they should. I personally agree with the AR ban but know nothing about the TN prospective ban that [a person] mentioned. I work in TN but haven't heard anything about it.

"My view like the majority of the nation sees certain behaviors as negative influences on children. Behaviors shouldn't get a designation as a protected class of citizens. Behaviors must be modified for the benefit of society and children. Behaviors of heterosexual promiscuity or adultery in marriage are just as negative as a behavior of homosexuality. Neither are identies and they are also just as negative as a behavior of pedophilia and alocholism (active drinking not sobering up) and drug addiction and polygamy. These are behaviors not a protected class of citizens. They are all equally negative on chidren and society.

"What happens behind closed doors between two adults (or 3 or 4) usually ends up in court as a child support case that affect employers (by the way) , and children with dead beat dads and the state/nations welfare roles not to mention the children that are produced (that doesn't advocate for killing them pre-born).

"We on this board wouldn't stoop so low as to act out in negative behaviors because we are all above that and know right from wrong (all said tongue in cheek). No one is perfect but imperfection (as seen in negative behaviors) shouldn't get a special class. Many hold these views and should be respected just as those who don't hold these views without name calling or labeling."

The board started out bashing Arkansas for banning singles who are co-habitating with another adult in a sexual relationship from adopting. I voted for it. It doesn't ban singles. That started a "far right-wing evangelical" "crazy" Christian name calling that I had to defend. My first comment was pointing out just how tolerant this liberal leaning board happened to be, NOT.

Now don't get me wrong I respect opinions but don't necessarily think all opinions are valid nor equal. I think singles can make great parents but first consideration probably should go to a male/female household. I have said this before if Christian married would adopt there wouldn't be a need for single adoptive households. I have also pointed out many examples of single parents in the Bible who adopted. But I have found nothing but condemnation for those who act out unrepentant in behaviors that are against God. And guess what? Homosexuality falls in that description, just as gossips, alcoholics, drug addicts/users, promiscuous heterosexuals, theifs, liars, adulterers etc.

But as Paul said, we were these things until Christ made us new. Behaviors do not get a special class or right. Identity (things that cannot be changed like skin color, gender, age to name a few) should not be discriminated against ever. Positive behaviors should be reinforced and government sanctioned like tax benefits/credits/refunds to married with a SAHM or even one who works out side the home. Just don't bring back the marriage penalty tax.

Tolerance is a new word to be used as a hammer to bash people down. You know what? It doesn't have the same meaning it used to. Now it means to view all opinions and thoughts as equal and valid regardless if they are opposite. It should still mean that a person has a right to his opinions and thoughts even if they disagree with me and I respect those opinions or thoughts but not necessarily as equal or valid. I respect that a person will hold them but not consider them equal or valid. There is a standard of truth, it is easy to get and read. If you don't have one find a Gideon and he will give you one, it is the Bible. It has been abused by man and used to hold others down but its truth remained and eventually defeated the ones to abuse it.

The Truth will stand for all time whether we accept it or not. I am truly a minority voice on this board but I am on the side of truth and that makes me a majority.

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Tymm said...

good for you for standing your ground... more Christians need to be doing that...

Rock on.