Monday, November 03, 2008

Now For My "Ya Think?" Post

Teen Pregnancy Linked to Watching Sexy TV Shows Say it ain't so. Ya Think? influences from the media or from hollywood make a difference? Of course they do why else would advertisers spend millions of dollars for 30 second ads? Shows influence our kids. Here is a thought, turn your TV off for 30 days and see what difference there is in your home. If nothing else only watch videos you already have but not the mainstream shows.

Paris Hilton: Men Used Me for Sex and Fame Duh!! Ya Think? Of course they did when all you flaunted was wealth and sex. What else did you have to give? Come on, Paris, don't whine now. When you want to eat your cake and have it too, what else do you think people will do to you? Take advantage of course!!

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Sharon said...

I like hearing that so I have some proof to show my family who keep pushing the limits. I told John we have to have a family pow wow tonight about reining in what we watch. And we don't even have TV! Sometimes i think movies are worse. And if its not sex its violence which i was feeling better about for B2 but bailey does not need that as background noise> URG. The older they get the less control I have and I hate it.

anyway, sorry to vent, i came over here to give you a prayer that i got off of Tina's blog...

Walking in prayer:

If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. Galatians 5:25

Heavenly Father,
When we were young, You helped us learn to walk. You protected our steps and applauded our efforts to grow so that we could not only walk, but run and leap as well.
As we've learned to walk closer to You, Lord, we've grown to trust that You are always beside us, always near to guide and support us on the way.
You are indeed a loving friend and our relationship with You can be as intimate and as real as we choose it to be.
Lord, help us to choose to walk with You in all that we do. Help us to seek Your advice and Your wisdom for our lives. Help us to admit when we've fallen down and need You to pick us up again. Help us keep steadily on the path, moving always in the direction You would have us go.
We're not as young now, Lord, but we still come to You in childlike faith, holding out our arms for Your kindness and Your embrace. Help us stay close to You always, learning to trust and obey with every step we take.
Let us walk the walk with You every moment we live.
In Your Spirit we pray. Amen.

Isn't that a beautiful prayer? How much stress and worry would we save ourselves if we could always keep that childlike faith and hold out our arms for His embrace!