Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our Family Battle

This is our battle and if only it was as small as these bumps I might be okay. G is now covered in these bumps and they are "fire-itchy."

Extremely contagious and before I knew what these were we have already broken the rules of not sharing this virus. This virus can take up to 10 years to run its course. Yesterday the bumps spread down her legs and arms.

The first bump appeared in a scar from a cut that G got in the waters at the zoo during a family night about 1 year and 1/2 ago. The end of September I got a diagnosis when we were at the doc for something else. I ended up on the internet for answers and they are very hard to be found. My mother bought us a bottle of natural formula that actually made one bump totally go away. However, it had already started to spread.

The place is sending me a body wash because the formula is not strong enough to kill it alone. The body was is free thankfully. There is a money back guarantee up to 6 months. The treatment is extremely painful with really bad side effects though there is an oral option I will try if the body wash doesn't work.

I will have to start washing her bath towels and clothing every day after use. I will need to find large bandages like new skin to keep on her over night so she can sleep because she scratches these bumps. I feel so helpless that I can't get rid of this. Never again will we get in that water at the zoo. I am also going to talk to my doctor about Gs immunity because this is prominent in immuno-compromised individuals.

Has anyone else had any issues with molluscum contagiousum?


Briana's Mom said...

Oh my gosh. That sounds so horrible. I hope you all get better quickly.

Vivian M said...

I sent you an email, check it out. Hope it helps!

Lindsey's mom said...

WE deal with it at school a lot. Have you seen a dermatologist? They can be is hard to get rid of but doable. Good Luck...

Anonymous said...

I have never even heard of it. Hope she is over it sooner rather than later.

Reading this post makes me feel bad for the pity-party I have had this past of my children (the junior higher, unbelievably) brought home HEAD LICE. First experience in my entire life with them...hope it is my last! I am so sick of washing everything we own in hot water every hoop-stitch and debugging the kids!!! Just as the eldest was clear of them, the youngest (who shares her room) had a few of them and we started all over again from scratch (no pun intended!). We are finally rid of the little varmints, but I was beginning to despair of ever getting rid of all of them....and my own head has never itched so much (even though I never actually caught them, still I spent weeks grossed out and itching, anyway!)

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh Beverly....I didn't know. We do have a friend that her little girl had these and they had them frozen off her little legs. I will be praying for Glenys.