Monday, November 03, 2008


"Obama ripped for 'unholy bond' with abortion industry
Charlie Butts and Marty Cooper - OneNewsNow - 11/3/2008 10:10:00 AM

"African-American pastor and national leader in the pro-life movement Clenard Childress, Jr., is taking a stance against Barack Obama and his pro-abortion ties.

"Childress is the senior pastor of New Calvary Baptist Deliverance Church in Montclair, New Jersey, and founder of He urges voters to consider Obama's close relationship with the pro-abortion movement before they head to the polls. 'This is nothing new,' he contends. '[Obama] is the most pro-abort[ion] presidential candidate we've ever had and we need to look at that, and not at his color only.'

"According to Childress, Obama's "unholy bond" with Planned Parenthood and NARAL, as well as other abortion providers and supporters, has "done more to decimate and deplete" the African-American community "than slavery and Jim Crow laws ever could have accomplished." He contends that the millions of black children who have been killed by abortion have been denied access to the same American dream that his ancestors fought for during the Civil Rights era.

"Childress also notes that the Democratic presidential candidate favors special rights for homosexuals. The pastor told that he no longer buys into the "lip service" spewing from Democratic presidential candidates. 'And so here's a person, and if you juxtapose him against our value system, [who] is totally contrary,' he explains. 'The Democratic Party has for years given lip service to the African-American community. They have talked about prominence without fulfilling the promise; they patronize without empowering.'

"One question posed to Childress is that, in light of Obama's stand on major moral issues, why is he attracting so many people who consider themselves evangelical Christians? 'Well, I'm going to say this, and I've been saying this all along: this is the day that true journalism has died,' he laments. 'I've never seen more bias by the mainstream media to elect someone who personifies their value system.'

"He adds that he sees no difference between Obama and previous white Democratic presidential candidates, calling Obama a "new face, same tune." Childress concludes that Obama is "out of touch" with Americans -- specifically black Americans."

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