Wednesday, December 10, 2008

8 Favorite Things Tag

Viv at Life with Kerri tagged me for an 8 things meme so here it goes:

8 Favorite TV Shows:
HGTV (I know there are more than 8 shows but I love them all)

8 Things I Look Foward To:
Picking G up after school
Going to bed at night
Taking a nap on Saturday and Sunday afternoon
Starting a good book
Hot showers on cold nights
A really good supper
Coffee with my friend Shay

8 Things On My Wish List:
Get out of debt so I can travel
trouser socks
shirts for work both summer and winter
a new car
higher salary
a house that stays clean no matter what we do

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
checked e-mail
went to work
doctored G's bumps
fed the animals
watched Alice in Wonderland with G
washed dishes (very cathartic)
made coffee
listened to Christmas music

8 Favorite Restaurants (totally dropped this one)
Ameca's in our town b/c it is G's fav
Lily's DimSum Then Sum (now gone but was my fav)
the restaurant on the beach at Mykonos but I don't remember the name
Pei Wei
Wang's Chinese
the Chinese restaurant in our town
the Thai restaurant around the corner from work
Memphis Pizza Cafe

Other than pei wei I am not really a chain restaurant type of girl.

8 Blogger Friends To Tag:

All single moms most a-parents from China with Vietnamese and Columbian thrown in for diversity, heh.

The rules are simple: just tag 8 blogger friends and advise them of the tag on their blog. There is no particular order in which the list has to be done. Answer the 8 interesting facts and have fun!