Monday, December 22, 2008

Almost Made It Without Injury

We almost went the weekend without injury but no both my littlest nephew and G had to go and get hurt. Nephew goose-egged (is that a word?or verb?) his head and G skint up her nose. Nephew shook it off and was fine. G needed her momma to rock her and hold a bit of ice (which was so not necessary but necessary, ya know?) on her nose. That was about all the luvin' I got from my G until we were home alone last night. And that was for 2 days!! I barely saw her for 2 days amongst the grandchildren and relatives.

Then last night in bed as she was watching her video now jr and hitting the rewind button in the same spot for the 50 millionth time I told her if she did it once more she would have to turn it off. Well, as she is well known by me to push me to the edge, she did it once more so I took it and fast forwarded it to the next section causing her to miss the first part. Then as I was reading and she continued to watch she sweetly said, "mama if my widdle guhrl started it ober I would wet her watch it ober again." I glared glanced sweetly at her and said, "Tell me that when you have a little girl."

We are heading back into the lions den tonight for one last Christmas meal with one of my brother's family and then G will spend the night tomorrow for my SanDiego nephew's last night. I have to work at least half a day and then we participate in our advent service at 3pm. I am totally dreaming or having nightmares of us setting the church on fire which wakes me up in cold sweats. I hope we get through the service without embarrassment or harm, heh! (no, really)


Ivy said...

Hi there,
Thanks for stopping by! Gee sounds like you've been busy! Guess that's what the holidays are all about, meeting and catching up with family for more good times!
Oh too bad about the boo boo's though! Glad nothing serious happened!

Continue to have a marvelous Holiday Season.

Hugs from NJ


Vivian M said...

Hope G's nose heals soon, and that there are no fire incidents of any kind at church or anywhere else!

Tish said...

funny! hope you get through the service safely, too!!!! Merry Christmas to you! i just now remembered that i forgot to go back and read your last post on BRTAL!

Anonymous said...

Cute, sweet story. I loved it! Good luck with advent :0! Merry Christmas!

day by day said...

Aww...well, the ice and a band-aid always makes those boo boo's better. Necessary or not. lol!

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

AZMom said...

I hope her nose heals up quickly. LOL at her comments. I've heard similar from BB.

Have a great holiday!