Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Everybody Say "WOW!"

WOW! I found a link on another blogger's site about signing up to do book reviews for Thomas Nelson Publishers. So I signed up and my first book came today. It is the book My Little Girl by Tim McGraw and Tom Douglas. Can you tell I am excited? I mean a book (I love to read) for a review? Cool!

This is a very simple book that celebrates the mundane everyday things that become the spectacular memories of childhood. This dad promises his little girl a spectacular day just with her. In her planning for the day of which she knows only it will be her dad and her she picks an outfit consisting of everything from tiara to "jungle boots." (I totally get that too because when G is packing to go to her grandparents she looks around for things to take that may never get unpacked but in her planning she needs whatever thing she sees or has.)

So the day begins as she is dressed for either royal ball or African safari with her dad telling her their "spectacular day" consists of "nothing in particular." Her disappointment is quickly diminished when he takes her to the c0-0p where she finds a menagerie of baby animals. They end the day with the dad tucking his little girl into her own bed (I am so pointing this out to G) and telling her he loves her (did you expect anything else?).

This is really a sweet book but I have one complaint, the transitions from their activity to activity are not very smooth. Twice I started on a page, but thought I had skipped a page and had to go back. The illustrations are every important to the book.

The point of the book though is to point out that memories are not only made by the spectacular but even the mundane things become spectacular when shared. The dad in the book really points out his love and his pride for his daughter both verbally and physically by spending time with her.

Oh and two other features is a "To:/From:" section on the front page and in the back a space to write a child's own spectacular memories. Both Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (who wrote the forward) want to foster daddy/daughter moments which are very important to a young girl's development and self esteem.


Anonymous said...

How neat to get to review the book! Do you get to KEEP the books they send to you to review?

Vivian M said...

Way cool!

Ashley Winters said...

What a great idea! When I was in grad school, I wrote book reviews too. It was fun, and I think you get to keep the book.