Wednesday, December 10, 2008

G Conversations

Last night in bed G was telling me about a movie they watched in school.

G: Mama, do you know about Annabelle?
Me: Annabelle? Um, oh, uh you mean the Christmas cow?
G: Yes.
Me: Um yeah I guess so why did you watch it?
G: Yes in school.
Me: Great, tell me about it.
G: Well, der is dis cow, dis sorta mean boy but he gets good, dis guhrl who is bad and doesn't get good and the cow turns into a reindeer.
Me: Um, oh maybe I don't know about it. What does the boy and girl have to do with it?
G: De guhrl is bad because she wants the boy to sweep wiff huhr.
Me: !?!?!??!!?!? thinking what kind of kids movie is this where a girl wants a boy to sleep with her?!?!?!???!
G: But see de boy doesn't want to sweep wiff huhr.
Me: Well, it really isn't good for a girl and a boy to sleep together.
G: Mom I sayed de boy doesn't WWWAAANNNTTT to sweep wiff huhr.
Me: Well that is good because they really shouldn't. Who brought this movie anyway?
Me: Oh well I don't think I like it.
G: De boy gets good in the end.

So today I looked up Annabelle which happens not to be Annabelle the Christmas Cow (that is Clarabell) but is Annabelle's Wish. And to some extent G has it right, there is a girl who happens to be an aunt of a mute child who was traumatized into not speaking after his parents were killed in an accident. He lives with his grandfather and for some unknown reason, or not well developed reason the aunt wants the child to come live with her (not sleep with her) which apparently would be a very detrimental thing.

 The cow saves the day though with a wish and I am not telling you anymore you can read the review yourself or rent the movie. I was just extremely relieved to know that there were no girls and boys sleeping together in a pre-school movie!!

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Vivian M said...

We saw this movie the other night and Kerri really got into it. The only part that bothered Kerri was when the rich aunt wanted to take the orphaned boy away from his poor grandpa. Kerri immediately started asking if someone could take her away too.