Wednesday, December 17, 2008

G's Conversations

First thing, I am sick with one stomach something or other. Not home but it just reiterates why I should never play hooky with a sinus thing because something worse is always lingering. Thank goodness for immodium!! (sorry TMI)

On to the conversation, the other night when G was so mad before bedtime I asked her if she wanted me to hold her like a baby and she did. So while I was holding her she said, "When I am 10 you won't be able to do dis."

I said, "I can still hold you like a baby when you are 10."

She said, "My wai-eggs will be too wong."

I said, "Your legs are already too long but as long as you are willing to crawl in my lap I will hold you because I didn't get to hold you when you were a teenie tiny baby."

This led into a discussion of the before our family and her time in China.

I said, "I am sure somebody held you like this but I didn't get to do it."

She said, "Wike my fahstuhr mommy and my daddy?"

I said, "Yep like that and maybe your China mommy and daddy."

She said, "I wonder what my daddy wooks wike?"

I said, "Well if you look in the mirror you will see what both your China mommy and daddy look like because you look like them."

She said, "Can we go see them? Do you know them?"

I said, "No and I am not sure but we can sure try to go see them."

She said, "On Satuhrday?"

I said, "Well maybe not this Saturday but on some Saturday we will. One day we will go see your foster mommy too."

She said, "What's her name?"

I said, "I don't know because the government didn't want us to stay in contact with them like that. I do send a book of pictures to the SWI for them to see you growing up."

She said, "They will be so suhrpwrised to see me so grown up, won't dey?"

I said, "Yep and they will want to know what kinds of things you like to do. What do you think you will say when they ask you what are your favorite foods?"

I asked her several questions like that and for food she said, mac n cheese, pizza, rice (wiese), green noodles (pesto) and candy. Not very Chinese like huh? I asked what she likes to do and one of her answers was "dwess up." I said, "No you don't like to dress up. When do you dress up? You tell me you don't like to dress up." She started to giggle. Then I knew we had to wrap this up as it was way past bedtime!! When the giggles come the more difficult it is to go to sleep.

Anyway, she does ask the tough questions which is really good and I am so trying to keep the dialogue open on adoption and her history since we know so little. Just makes it easier I think in the long run even the hard stuff. We have watched the Prince of Egypt twice recently so lots of questions came up from that.

Our town Christmas parade was cancelled twice now so I suppose it is not happening this year. Maybe next year. There is a home that decorates with lights tuned to music so we have gone to see that twice already. We will go a few more times before Christmas too.


Tiffany said...

Thank you for your comment on our blog and for stopping by!!!!!!

Vivian M said...

Hope you feel better soon! G is a smart girl, and I think it's great that you tell her what you know and not some fairy tale answer.
Kerri loves looking at the decorated houses too, we make sure to point them out to her on our way home. Some homes are really creative! Maybe you can post a picture next time you go?

Everyday Mom Designs said...

So sweet... it's gotta be hard, but I think you're doing a great job!

Retta said...

Thanks for the potty training encouragement over on our blog. These conversations are great for me to read so that I can prepare for the days when Maddie Rae and I are having them. Thanks for sharing!

Alyson and Ford said...

What wonderful conversations! Thank you for sharing; it helps us.

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Three Months!

a little leprechaun said...

WOW! I hope I handle the tough questions as well as you did/do!!

Please feel better soon!
Merry Christmas!

Vicki said...

I love the "rare mom sighting" pic. Hope the ole belly and gut feel better soon.
G is growing up wonderfully well. Good for you both.

marilyn said...

Great dialogue! Hope you feel better soon.