Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Have You Ever Been Told Off by a Four Year Old?

I have. G went off on me Sunday night big time telling me how and I quote "You think I am a joke. You think I am a wee-tard. You think I am a smahrt alleck. You think I am ugly. How does it feel for me to be angwee?" I tried really hard not to laugh but honestly between her rantings I couldn't help but laugh and this wasn't said just once and every time I tried to talk she started in again. She heard two of the three terms at school. One of them sadly I yell at motorist with whom I disagree on their driving capabilities :} and I know it isn't PC and I use it more than I should. And I am not telling which is which ; )- .

So we had a little pow-wow of her sitting in my lap (now mind you I had to turn the light back on and it is after 9pm) to talk about this. I don't know what triggered this tirade, but I explained that I didn't think that of her and that I loved her beyond words. I told her that I didn't love her because she was beautiful, smart, or any reason other than she is just my daughter. I told her I was very glad she is smart, beautiful etc but that didn't make me love her more and her not minding me or acting out doesn't make me love her less.

Then I said it was time for bed and turned the light back out. Then I hear, "Mama, I think we need a talk about dis some mohreh."(more) So I turned the light back on and she crawled in my lap to talk some more. She not once cried or acted out other than maybe it was an attempt to not go to sleep.

When relating this to my mom in front of G, G actually smiled and said, "Tell her mohreh of what I said." So I am thinking either I handled whatever it was right or it really wasn't anything at all.

And not because of this but because of something one member of a yahoo group is going through I am contemplating being evaluated for attachment or theraplay. This one person's experiences have an earie similarity to me and G to the point that I can't say somethings are age related vs. adoption/attachment related so I need to check it out. There are too many coincidences between our stories that just give me pause.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

Oh man.. Kids..

Ellie Monster said...

I'm picturing hand-on-hip, finger-pointed, and a neck wobble... and it's making me laugh.
Did you see 20/20 Friday night? So upsetting to see, on so many levels.

Vivian M said...

It is always good to have an evaluation by an attachment therapist. Better safe than sorry is my motto.
The good news is that at least she is talking about it.

The Straight's said...

Hoping it was just a regular kid thing. Man these kids pick up on some of the weirdest things ;)

AZMom said...

It's amazing what they say isn't it. It sounded like you handled it well though.

Let us know what you find out from the attachment therapist if you do go. There is definitely no harm in asking.

Doug and Terrye said...

I'm anxious to hear how the eval goes! There is just something about the way our Grace has attached to her cousin that has me nervous. Maybe it is just a little girl that loves her cousin (3 years older than her), but I've been considering the same thing.

Terrye in FL

Lauri said...

Hugs... been there

The Byrd's Nest said...

Yes...we are having this with Lottie. It has occurred ever since she turned four last month. PLUS, I am sure because of all the upcoming change she is experiencing a ton of anxiety. She screamed at us last night over and over the following...."Just sell my bed Mom...just sell all my stuff Mom...I want Emma to go back to Korea....I hate baby Jesus" Not pretty but lots of emotion and she must be suffering terribly from the change coming in our lives. I feel so terrible putting her through this.

Also, this comes to mind. Emma acts out of sorts this time of the year because this is when she came home to us. I have been told this is normal. When did Glenys come home...I forget.