Friday, December 19, 2008

I Have a Story To Tell About My Pashmina

I love pashminas and own three of them a very nice and expensive pink one, a pink/orange one, and a not so expensive red one. When G came home in 2005 it was warm, August, but as the fall came through to cool us off I started using the pashminas to wear to work. So as was my habit, I would throw it in the backseat when I got in the car sometimes accidentally leaving it overnight.

One morning as I was taking G to school she grabbed my pink pashmina and would not let go. So for a year that pashmina became her daycare blanket. I figured it had my scent (or whatever) on it and she had seen me in it so I felt that would be a good attachment object for her. She literally used it for about a year. I can't remember how I got it back from her though. Seems she found another blanket to take.

I was sort of disappointed that she would latch onto the expensive one but I guess, I wasn't really surprised as I recognized right away that she has extremely good taste, heh.

Now this linked site has pashminas. Go check them out. You can get a rainbow of colors to accessorize and stay warm in not so freezing environs. Plus they are having a give away, chance to win a pashmina of your choice. Check them out. Don't walk, run to the site!!

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Vivian M said...

They are lovely, and I think I could use one this winter!