Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last Night at the Pre-School Choir Concert

This is G's stress face, a fish face.

Standing up to be acknowledged for her perfect attendance. Thanks to the grandparents for that.

Again with the fish face!!

G sang in her pre-school choir concert. This is done very nicely in an intimate setting so as not to bore the non-related members of the church so only family of the children are present. It is an open house type thing. Last night my dad came as family is in from out of town and my mom didn't want to leave them. So dad and I enjoyed the kids in a comfortable setting while the kids mumbled sang their hearts out 3 songs that totally impressed all of us parents and grandparents. Our children are brilliant and totally talented, heh.

After they sang the teacher handed out certificates she was so excited. She looked at it with me and said, "It has my name! It has both my names on it." Too cute and I missed it on the video camera.


cheepette8 said...

Congrats for Glenys on her perfect attendance. That's awesome!

Lauri said...

she is so cute.. I love her nervous face

Livi's preschool does not do any christmas programs.. bummer

Merry Christmas

AZMom said...

That is too precious. I know we all have to suffer errr participate in the kid's program where they caterwaller errr sing. LOL

WTG on the perfect attendance!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

She is just so cute!

Sharie said...

What a cutie - in that first photo she looks like she's tied to her chair:) I took a double take.

Anonymous said...

Too precious! I loved the video and the southern accent!

Super Mommy said...

How sweet. And I'm glad you acknowledged your parents for getting your child to school! :P


Dawn said...

Little Miss G and her friends are so ADORABLE at their choir concert! What great video!!!