Friday, December 05, 2008

Recipes and Other Ramblings

So driving home tonight I got to thinking about recipes and those recipe books to raise money and how I would love to submit but my recipes are not quite "cook standard". Here are a couple of examples:

My morning latte: Blueberry/vanilla latte

You will need: 1 cappucino/latte machine
dry blueberry and vanilla coffee mate creamer
dry milk
two sweet n low packets
boiling water

in a 20 oz mug combine the dry ingredients as so:
two sweet n low packets
up to 1/4 cup dry milk
pour about 1 to 3 seconds of blueberry and then vanilla creamer
pour hot water leaving enough room for the 4 esspresso cups from the latte machine.
froth the now mixed concoction as directed by the cappucino machine
add the esspresso


Spanikopita (my version of what I ate in Mykonos, Greece) as made just last week
what you need: 1 frozen package of spinach or
1 bag of spinach
1 or 2 bricks of feta cheese not crumpled
one or 1/2 package of pine nuts
tortilla shells
olive oil

In pan cook spinach according to directions if frozen
if bagged just cook until it looks done

when spinach is completed add two bricks of feta if using frozen
if using bagged then only one brick is needed

melt the feta and stir

roast pine nuts in small fry pan so every nut touches the bottom of the pan
if you can flip them and roast both sides evenly great; otherwise, just don't burn them.

stir in a bit of olive oil maybe about 1 to 2 table spoons in the feta and spinach mix
(this is strictly by sight as I just know how much to add)

stir in pine nuts to the feta and spinach

warm one tortilla in the same pan from pine nuts

put tortilla on plate and add 2 to 3 tablespoons of the spinach mix and wrap

but before that remember to get the dill that was forgotten in the above steps and sprinkle in the wrap too.

sprinkle dill to that mix left in the pot and stir

This can be eaten as a dip with chips too and just as a side dish to who knows what since I don't typically have more than one dish at a meal. I have no clue how much it makes because I can eat it in about 2 or 3 days, heh.

The dill was tasted in the spanikopita on Mykonos only. And is was not phyllo dough that was used but more of a thin pancake or crepe instead and I mean I still dream about that spanikopita. I can't make crepes thus the tortilla shell. I use the small ones because they fit the fry pan better, heh.

In Oia (pronounce A-I), Santorini, Greece, I ate fava beans that were so SO good. I don't know how they were prepared nor do I remember the restaurant but oh they were so good.

So do you have any recipes that would be great to share but would need either a really good translation of your technique or you standing there over the kitche?


Kristy said...

That Spanikopita sounds sooooo good!!!!!!

Vivian M said...

Your recipes sound interesting! Mine are way too long and complicated. I would love cookie recipes though!