Monday, December 15, 2008

The Weekend in Piccies

First we hit the Alpine Village. They had a live nativity along with Santa and shops to visit. The wise men walked around most of the night, I guess they were "wandering" under the light?

Oh look, rare mama sighting. Someone in line to see Santa offered to take our pic together.

Yes she got close enough to "high 5 him." This was the second Santa of the day. One our our friend's grandad plays Santa (he is awesome too). But I told G that he wasn't the real one only EL's grandad so she wouldn't be afraid. Didn't work. So then we saw this one who to me looks not real at all but G said he was the "weal one."

Oh and did I mention snow? They had snow at the village. This to G was the highlight, truly. She loved the snow. It was fake and took forever to come out of hair.
And we had one doozy of a melt down when we got home. Yes we stayed out late so I totally deserved the melt down. Apparently after long hours of wear (3) the sweater she wore caused her bumps (no they are not gone yet) to hurt something fierce. Anyway, 12 hours roughly 30 minutes later we were in bed and she was asleep!

Sunday evening we tried to beat the zoo at the zoo lights by going just before close and staying through but can't do that. Anyway, since I am a member we were able to go 45 mins before close and stayed an hour. That really was enough time. Actually we tried to get there around 3:30 but we couldn't get our afternoon napping selves together. But that really was enough time. After the zoo, we took our friend Shay to dinner for her bday. But she blessed me more with a gift card to Starbucks for $30. Cool huh? Totally wasn't expecting it. I haven't gotten her Christmas gift done yet!!

We have gotten to see these three tigers grow up together. All three are bengals but one is a white bengal. And yes we did get to see them as kittens at the same zoo.

What are you lookin' at? You want some of this? YOU WANT SOME OF THIS? Too bad there is a fence, HA!

Yep the snow leapord can totally see the Cabbybearras (sp?) through the fence and was totally stalking them this evening, dreaming of a scrumptious meal!

G and one of our friendly kimodo dragons. It really is back there behind glass safely not looking at us or deaming of human snacks.

G climbing the budda because we are reverent of other religions totally, heh.

Oh did I say we saw two Santas this weekend? Well we saw three and this was the safest one to stand by and yes she did want me to pick her up so she could touch the beard.

Then she wanted to pose by all the animal statues as we left. She cheesed it up for me!

Her and the alligator is the best actually.


The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh Bev...I LOVE seeing the "rare mama sighting"! You look great! What a great time at the zoo!

Couchkat said...

We still have snow all over the bedsheets. Glad Glenys had a good time!

Super Mommy said...

What fun!! Great picture of the two of you!!

You've got a neat zoo!!

fricke92 said...

I love the fake snow!!! I'd totally go just for that! :)

Everyday Mom Designs said...

She is just sooo cute! I'm glad you guys had fun!

Vivian M said...

Wonderful pictures! Hope G's bumps are better soon.

a little leprechaun said...

Love the pics! She is too cute! That is awesome that she agreed to give Santa a high five. I think she has inspired my son to go see Santa. Finally.

Has everything worked out with the house?

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Briana's Mom said...

Love seeing the pic of you and Glenys together!

What a fun weekend!