Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cograts! A Computer Update! and Attachment Update

Things have gone from bad to worse in the computer department. My "n" key is giving me fits now. I already lost my "s" key so that is a difficult key to miss and I have to concentrate to make sure it works. Then the work laptop has totally conked out. Which is really sad because I saved all of my digital pics and videos on it until I copied them to a CD. Did I mention I am quite the procrastinator? Anyhoo, that is now not done and I just hope that the tech guy will not blame me for the broken computer. It is a refurbished one and over a year old anyway so we shall see.

Then the network is still down! Ugh!! I wonder ow much a new laptop would be and if I could work out a payment plan. I am anxious to see how much if any tax I will owe to AR and on the fed side. I don't have my W-2 from first thing yet and though I have all the info from Third thing (current job) we haven't printed them yet. Oh and I found a problem with the calculations from the system we used the first 6 months and the system we used the second 6 months after my boss made the announcement that W-2s would be ready on the 19th. He is so gung ho to get them out that he didn't worry or wonder about any problems. Granted we weren't supposed to have any but that is in a perfect world, one in which we don't live. So I am a wee bit wound up tight.

The attachment meeting today was basically just an assessment with me signing forms and briefly describing the major problems. I sort of feel silly because by training I am a master's level counselor so I had to check my ego A LOT! And she is the type of therapist I would be jumping in to say whatever it is before the thought is lost. I so see that in myself. I wouldn't call it interrupting per se just trying not to lose the thought. She used what I said on the phone as the presenting problems and for the life of me I couldn't remember what exactly I had said. Early onset alzheimer's here I come.

Now I will say she did point something out that I need to share. Remember when I said G stalls at bedtime and sometimes asks things that to me are totally non-important you know like how do you spell pinnochio and such. I typically just cut her off when she does that verses my willingness to talk about her adoption experience even if used as a stall tactic. But the therapist pointed out that to G even the spelling of pinnochio is important and I am basically negating what is important to her. So I will make an effort to tell her that "although 'stall tactic verbage' is very important to you, let's be sure to discuss it in the morning because mama dearly needs her sleep and can't focus on such an important topic right now." We will see how that works.

Now Anya at Hills Creek Quilt-something or other I will be contacting you. See the video for how I drew the winner. That is my notebook of names of entries, see why I blog?

I still have a review to do but may have to borrow my mom's computer to do so. So this weekend I will get that done and try to catch up with all my fav. blogs that I will probably now have to rebuild if the computer is really fried. I hope not. Praying for a miracle there!!


a little leprechaun said...

Hope the computer can bounce back! The line from therapy - that's good. I'm going to need to use that with my son when he is stalling at bedtime.

Glad the therapy session went well. I was thinking about you today and wondering...

Jill said...

Glad to see you "back"! Can't wait to hear more about the sessions. We are having some issues here too, I just haven't talked about them.....
Hugs, Jill

Christy said...

Totally interesting about the whole important things they want to discuss as stall tactics. I would do the same thing as you-- just pass it off and move onto bed. I would never think about giving it the time of day or even discussing it-- interesting. I am glad you got somethings out of the appointment!!

Chrisyt :)

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh goody....I am glad you are back online...but phooey on your keyboard. Those are two important letters to not have!

Are you going to keep going to the attachment therapy? I have tried to make an effort to answer Lottie's questions as calmly and loving as I can...even when it is not convenient;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I had hoped your update was a new computer! You poor woman! I hope something works out. Lack of sleep and no connecting in Blogville make this mama a bit grumpy!!

Marla said...

Good luck with the computer problems, what ever would we do without them!

Interesting info w/ attachment.

Vivian M said...

I am so sorry about your computer woes, hope they get solved soon!
And thank you for sharing that attachment tidbit. It's a really qood point that what does not seem important to us is extremely important to our girls. I will try to keep that in mind too.
Congrats to the winner!
And can't wait to catch-up on Life with Glenys!

AZMom said...

Hmmmm...I get that stall tactic verbage from Busy Boy too. I will have to remember the words to use with him.

Lauri said...

Keep us posted on the attachment stuff.. I am so curious about that

Hope you get a new computer soon

Jonni said...


I am glad you were able to get your computer to work, but that is a bummer about the keys on the computer. Thank you for sharing how the assessment went. I am sure that this information will be helpful to a lot of us.


Sharon said...

I was wondering where you were!! haha
I hope you get that computer workedout. Also I am very proud of you about that whole meeting ,. You are so honest and really trying and open to suggestions. That has got to be so hard for any mom .Not being perfect in that area and having it pointed out, hurts! Even though we know we are not perfect , no way, have anyone else point it out, is devestaing. You are amazing to me beverly. You and G will work all this out. And you have shown me that an outsider really can give some good suggestions. ahah! Even though i am in that feild a little too, I am so biased against it! What the????

I am keeping you in my prayers for all your worries. Keep letting them all go, giving them to the one in control!! That is anyones best at comfort!!

Gwendolyn said...

I'm sorry for the computer problems...we've got them here, too. I'm just waiting for a tax return so I can throw mine out the window and buy a new one. LOL