Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Family Needs Our Prayers

A Place Called Simplicity is a blog I have come to love to read. The mom just came home with her son and daughter from Uganda less than 4 weeks ago. They have a large family and just this week lost their home in a fire. They are trying to salvage somethings but it appears that all is lost.

They need the blog community to surround them with prayers. There is a drive to get Extreme Home Makeover involved here. The application for that went yesterday.

See what all you miss being off the internet for a week! Amazing! This is my worst fear. I have so many "treasures" that would be so tragic to lose. The family is grieving as well as bonding with the two youngest children.


Kelly said...

This family is definetly in my prayers!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I have been praying for is just awful. Oh I do pray they can get a new home with the help of that show.

laurel said...

I hope all works out for them! Extremem Makeover would be a true blessing for them!