Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Life of One of Our Own

Possibly in a very near future way to soon we in the adoption China community will lose another child. From Lydia's Caringbridge site:

" Well, first things first: we are HOME! We escaped cell block 8 tonight around 7 pm. YEAH!
Now for the other news, which is not so great. Lydia is not in remission. It seems as though the chemo barely touched the leukemia as she still has approximately 20% leukemic blasts already. We had a very up and down day, but bottom line is that this is not good news. We had a long talk with Dr. Li, Dr. Friebert, and Beth, the clinical nurse, and bottom line is that while we could do more chemo, since nothing has worked, it is difficult to imagine putting her through anything more, when good results are so unlikely. I know some of you may perceive this as giving up hope, but I would like to think we are trying to take into consideration Lydia's quality of life and how weary she is of being in treatment for over 160 days, with little to no progress. In the words of Dr. Li, she has a very, very bad disease. He has been in touch with the "experts" at St. Judes, Seattle and Cincinatti, and the consensus is that while we could do more, the end result is unlikely to be what we want anyway, with pain, suffering, misery and continued hospitalization all to likely no avail. Dr, Li's heart is broken. He had so looked forward to giving us good news. I know as an attorney it is painful when the result you fight so hard for is not always what you get, especially when you become personally and emotionally involved in your client.
So, we will await flow cytometry to see if the numbers are any different, but barring any earth-shattering differentiation in numbers, we are probably going to go the palliative care route, and head out to Florida in the very near future.
I want all of you to know that WE STILL BELIEVE! God is a good God and his heart aches for our suffering. I don't know his purpose in this, but I do know that Lydia has had such a full and joyous life. I wouldn't trade being her mother for any one else on the planet. It has been my great pleasure and distinct honor that God granted me the blessing of developing this amazing soul and spirit. I am having a hard time knowing how to communicate this to her family in China. Despite all the issues, I am pained for them, that indeed they have had to loose her twice. Very sad indeed for them and for us, but how amazing that two families worlds away gave life and love this amazing child. What an amazing adventure and love adoption is.
I also know that I want Lydia's life to have special purpose, and to that end, I am going to establish a foundation called "Lydia's Hope", and I am planning on writing a book with her illustrations to raise awareness for child cancer research. I hope you will join me in praising God for the life of this amazing child, and for the privilege of being her mother. Please pray for us in the coming days. I need increased wisdom and strength as do Mark, my parents, and Mark's parents. I will keep posting to this site, and keep you informed as to our continuing journey, and I hope to have additional photos posted as well.
God has some purpose in this and I will make it my mission in life to lift up that purpose. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We have been truly bouyed by you all. As we continue this journey, albeit down a different path, know that your messages, prayers, and support are just, if not more important than before.
Love and Blessings to you all,
The Miyashitas and Raber
Mark Monica Liddy Max (the cats, Sherlock Aggie and Daisy)
The Rabers: John and Betty
The Miyashitas: Yoshifumi and Linda
And remember: WE STILL BELIEVE!"

Even though I lost my income I still have my daughter in good health.


Vivian M said...

So sad. I will hug Kerri just a little tighter tonight. And keep this family in my prayers.

day by day said...

I have been following Lydia's story and my heart is so heavy for all of them. sigh.....

Dee said...

How tragic and heartbreaking.

Christy said...

This just breaks my heart. I just have no words at this point-- really no words.

I just read your last post and an so sorry about being laid off. That just plain sucks. Maybe it is time to get back into the counseling field. No matter what I can say-- this just plain sucks and I am really sorry for this. You are in my prayers.

laurel said...

That is so sad. My heart is broken.