Friday, January 30, 2009

Okay, Life Udate

Did I mention that G and I attended our first together therapy session? Mmmm, probably not, too stressed about other things. So we attended last Tuesday morning then went to the CMOM. G took a bit to warm up and never really talked with the therapist herself which made me want to jump in (I did some) with explanations and answers. Mostly though I controlled myself and didn't attempt to rescue G. She was mostly fascinated with the foam blocks and the big pillows the therapist had on the couch, heh. I haven't gotten feedback yet on the session, obviously.

My mom and dad completed an assessment questionnaire on G together that asked things like "Is child demanding?" "Gets along well with others?" "Makes transitions well?" So they were sort of one or two steps behind me. Well I said G is demanding sometimes or often and they said never?!?!? I think they meant no more than any other 4 year old but still. I said she is sometimes victimised by others (classmates) and they said rarely. This maybe just the difference between how much more I see her. If they were out of town grandparents I wouldn't have bothered with them but they see her a lot just not as much as I.

I think what surprised me most is that mom and dad both discussed it though I only asked mom to complete it. Don't get me wrong, I am very glad to have my dad's input even if it doesn't match mine. It helps to see what they think of G and how she acts. Now understand at this point the majority of G's issues I think have more to do with my parenting and the stresses of the last three years (personal job/finances) than with her adoption though all together I think we still have work to do.

So today I woke up much too early with a significant pain in my back between my right shoulder blade and vertebrae. This has been coming for at least a year but today the stresses of my life culminated in this sharp knife like pain that led me straight to the chiropractor. I walked in and said, "I don't know if you take walk ins or not but I am in so much pain I can't wait for an appt and I can't really move or breathe without hurting. Please please work me in."

So while I was filling out paperwork my phone rings. I couldn't get to it and ended up emptying my purse right in the floor. Another patient laughed and said, "That is so totally like me." I just don't understand it. I have a small purse not even 9" long or wide more like 6". How in the helk does a phone get lost in less than 6"? I digress...

Anyway, the call was from the headhunter. We will be getting together next week. At one point I thought she was going to transfer me to another person but either I misunderstood and she hung up or my phone hung up. The doc came in just at that moment so I didn't call her back. I will e-mail her to explain.

While I was checking out the phone rang and it was someone named "C", not really but I can't remember her name, about renting the house. So I am going to meet her at the house at 3:30pm and pray that she is the one to rent even though she has cats and dogs. I have cats and a dog so I know how destructive they can be. I am not saying all are but as a landlord now I can sure see why pet owners have a rough time finding a place to rent. I also understand why we sometimes lie about having pets or is that just me? Actually my last cat (still with me) came from a tenant (of someone elses) who wasn't supposed to have it and got caught.

So this afternoon I am at my mom's computer to print off lease apps, rental agreement, pet agreement, figure my budget, pay some bills online, blog (priorities you know), and just figure out the near future details. Next Monday, will be back at chiropractor after dropping G off at school. Then Tuesday therapy with G and hopefully Monday afternoon or Tuesday afternoon meeting with the headhunter.

Thank you all for your well wishes during this time. I know God is in His heavens even though all is not right with the world. He still reigns and I am trying to remember that.


Anonymous said...

As a former landlord and pet owner, I would say if you can get a decent tenant, go for it and then if you have to replace the carpet and touch up stuff that has been scratched/chewed, do it. You can replace carpet for a couple thousand bucks, and that is a lot easier than stressing out for months because you let a tenant get away and then couldn't find another one, and can't pay the mortgage on the property.

Elizabeth J.

Michelle said...

Oh you've got a whole lot on your plate, don't you? Good luck with your daughter - I can only imagine what stress this is giving you right now. I am always amazed by how differently my parents see the wee ones from how I do. And sometime by how hard it is to get them on my parenting page.... I hope you find a happy medium for you all soon and that the chiro works for you.

And thank you so much for visiting my blog yesterday during my SITS day. It was so much fun to see all the comments, and so many had such nice things to say. I hope you enjoyed yourself and come back to visit again soon!

amy said...

Praying for you my friend, thanks for your honesty

Vivian M said...

We have a dog and thankfully he has not done any damage to the home. Some landlords charge an extra security deposit and even an extra amount in the rent when there are pets!

Vivian M said...

Oh, and good luck with the headhunter, chiro and therapy!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Wow! When it rains it pours with you...even good things. What wonderful blessings thrown at you all at once. I am praying.