Monday, January 05, 2009

Same Kind of Different As Me

Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore is a must read. This is a reminder that everyone has the same issues and needs no matter the skin color or education level. Everyone is worthy of friendship and all require the same Savior.

Denver Moore was a modern day slave. He escaped the plantation literally with no money, no plans to support himself, no education nor direction. He had no reason to believe that slavery had truly ended because he never saw anything but hard work on a plantation being kept down by "the white man" in the vicious cycle of borrowing from the plantation store only to be told at the end of the harvest there wasn't enough to cover his debt. He was a trapped share cropper living in the same plantation system that enslaved his family for generations. As a child, he watched his grandmother burn to death in a fire while his uncle (I believe uncle maybe older cousin) perished with her. She was asleep and couldn't be awakened but the uncle or cousin pretty much lost his mind and refused to leave the chair he was in. His father was assumed shot by a lover's jealous husband or boyfriend.

Ron Hall became a very wealthy man through dealing in art. He was a poor farm boy from Texas whose daddy either was a sharecropper or had sharecroppers on his land. He was able to go to college and married up a little in society. His wife was a very humble and gracious woman who became a Christian after they were married. She lived a life wanting to give back and give back she did. She became involved in a homeless shelter and convinced her husband to volunteer too. This is the setting where the lives of Ron Hall and Denver Moore intersect. Ron befriends Denver through his wife's encouragement learning things about himself in the process.

It is an incredible story with an incredible ending.


Kristy said...

Now you have me all intrigued!!!


Lo said...

Sounds like a great read! Thanks for my Saucy visit! Come by anytime

Anonymous said...

okay, i will read it! looks good.

Mom To Six said...

I've been looking for something new to read. This definitely sounds interesting.


Mom To Six said...

Just wanted you to know that when I posted earlier, I was at the library looking for the book. It's on call for me and should be here next week. I can't wait!