Saturday, January 03, 2009

Saturday, I Think

Having Thursday off work threw my world in a tizzie. Friday when I left work, I left my work laptop thinking I would be back the next day. I guess I thought it was Tuesday for some reason. Ugh I enjoyed the day off I just didn't realize I would be so confused!!

So my mother has a few of her siblings and their family here. G woke up in a foul mood messing up our plans to go to the zoo. My new strategy is she will not get her way when she presents a bad attitude no matter what I have previously promised. Last Saturday it was missed museum and today it was missed zoo. Then she cried because she thought I was being nicer to our cat Simon than her. Well I probably was because he was being nice to me but not in the way G thought. So we ended up sitting and cuddling until her bad attitude went away but we still did not go to the zoo.

Nap was a bust today. Due to drainage, G woke up choke-coughing and I put some vicks vapo rub on her throat but she woke up for good after only about 30 mins. Then she had the audacity to say that we should come home from visiting Grammie's at 6pm so we could go to bed early!!! If anyone had followed this blog for long you would see the ridiculous statement this is. She never goes to sleep for min. one hour after getting in the bed. Thankfully, at our new year party two other mom's said the same about their girls and how bedtime was the most hated time of the day for them too.

I am calling the adoption center on Monday to see how to schedule an appointment for attachment evaluation so wish us luck. We will see how much of Gs bedtime issues are unconsistent mom (probably), not completely attached, or just typical 4 year old behavior. She just seems to be getting a bit more defiant lately.

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fricke92 said...

Sounds like typical 4 year old behavior. We went through several years of poor sleeping, then defiant attitude before things settled out. Good luck!

Briana's Mom said...

I am already getting a defiant attitude with Briana at age two. Sigh. Good luck with the appointment!

Wendy said...

I hate to toot my own horn, but, knock on wood, we've never really had any problems with going to bed. She still won't get out of bed unless I tell her it's okay.

G still sleeps in your bed, right? Is it better or worse if you put her to bed in her room?

Marla said...

I've been messed up to with all the days off but happy to have them just the same.
Adalyn is so sassy I cant wait to see what 4's bring. Keep us posted.

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

Haha! Thanks for giving me the URL too your actual blog! haha

The Byrd's Nest said...

I think since Lottie has turned four she is worse than ever! PLUS us moving out of the country has her upside down.

I had to kind of laugh at Glenys saying she wanted to go home and go to bed...he he

Lottie was mad at me today because it was Emma's birthday and not hers:( Whatever!

Vivian M said...

It never hurts to have an evaluation. Wishing you sucess and let me know what works, Kerri still has sleep issues!

Super Mommy said...

Good luck - hope you get some answers - it sounds like typical 4 yo behavior though!

Christy said...

I cant imagine G having anyting other than normal 4 year old behavior. I will be very interested to see what they find out. That is the age they are totally testing you and their boundries and my boys did the exact same thing and now at 8 and 10 they are still pushing. Tomorrow they start back on a discipline program we started at the beginnning of the year that worked so good we just kind of dropped it (ya maybe im a little inconsistant) but they have been so difficult lately that we are totally starting back up tomorrow. Let me know what that lady finds out. Very interesting!!

Christy :)

Heather said...

Just a note, when you want to use the vick's, rub it on her feet & then put on socks over it. It's actually more effective that way for some reason.
Acer is very oppositional right now, so I understand. Good luck.
Heather BT