Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snow Day

Even under the carport my car is covered.

my poor sedum. They were about 6 inches high.

Wasted on a Saturday! When we took our nap at 2pmish it was only sleet a bit. 2 hours later this is what it looked like. We didn't go outside as it was too cold and wet. Maybe tomorrow if it hasn't melted we will go out.

Reagan Vs. Obama

Reagan slams Obama from the grave. Reagan still speaks truth!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Just a Few Pics and a Video

Pic nic at the zoo.

Honoring the budda.

Just hangin' around with the monkeys.

No longer afraid of the horses.

Here, chick, chick, chick.
Halp Meh! Let Me IN!!

The coolness of this video is coming from the electric eels. Someone rigged up a way for people to hear the power of the currents caused by electric eels.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Supermommy tagged me:

1. Go to your pictures folder & select the 6th folder.
2. Select the 6th picture in the folder.
3. Tag 6 people.
Have fun!

This was some where on Shaiman Island. I don't remember taking this pic so it must have been taken by my dad on one of his walks.

Now I have to tag 6 bloggers:

Today's Productivity

After a lifetime, many months, several weeks of looking for a job or some opportunity, I took G to the zoo. It was a nice day here although windy. We saw every creature except spiders and animals of the night. We hit the "maquarium," the barnyard, the bears, pandas, snakes (surprisingly!), and you name 'em if our zoo had it we saw it.

I took lunch so we had a picnic. I believe that was the first official picnic we have ever had together. Very nice day for it too. G took a short nap in the car on the way home. Then we made more magnets. She loves glue and I have so many photo index cards that I could make magnets of my European trips to last a lifetime!!

Then G cooked her own supper, supervised of course, of spaghetti rather fettuccine. She likes the fat noodles best. Now we are watching it's a bugs life. Dinner and a movie, great night you know? Oh and G told me her 2 blankies are having a great social life after she goes to school, having a date night with two other blankies and even getting "marry." At least someone in this house is getting some action has a social life.

Oh and I did call the job I said I wanted and let them know over the phone I was very interested in the job. I even had her pull my resume while I was on the phone, well she pulled it while we were on the phone. Maybe I have a snowball's chance in hades?

I will post zoo pics tomorrow or sometime. And G hates my hair. She tells me she will only get close to me from the neck down. This morning she told me that she thought I still had long hair last night and forgot I got it cut.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well, Even Though You Didn't Ask

Here is the new cut. Yes it is very short and that is really good. G will totally freak out. Oh well, won't be the first nor the last.

Ignore the zits and the fever blister on my lip. All of that is strictly stress induced. And I don't smile when I take pics of myself cause it feels weird to take pics of myself. So just look at the hair not the rest.

Therapy Today

Today was my day to watch last week's video of following instructions. Over all the point is G is very well attached and 100% in control. So we have to move to G stays very well attached and is 100% age appropriately independent with mom 100% in control. So next week we start theraplay to reverse the whole control thing back to me.

I am getting a rofessional hair cut today at 3:30pm. The way I look at it is I can't afford it but I can't afford to continue looking like an over-aged princess with long stringy locks either. I need a professional easy to care for cut something like I got when I came home with G in 2005. It was a cute cut and I don't think I have any pics of it to share on-line. I probably won't share the new style either unless you really really want to see it.

G doesn't want me to get my hair cut and said she is going to laugh at me until it grows back. She may freak out when she sees me. But today is Wednesday which means grandparents pick her up for supper, choir and mission friends. When they bring her back and rave about how cute my hair cut is then maybe she will be okay with it. Otherwise we will just deal with a melt down. This is a long time in coming, period.

Gosh, if I didn't detest the feel of hair so much I might get a stylist license. Yes, I have sensory issues. I can't stand to feel hair that is not attached to the body. I can't stand long hair clogging up sinks and wrapping up in brooms when I sweep or get caught in the vacuum. HATE IT, pet hair too. There, so now you know. I am totally limited in career paths. No nursing or doctor for me either, hate the sight of bodily fluids, wounds etc. and sick people in general, bleh!

If anyone knows how to get this blog changed to a different URL name/address, please contact me off line. I am afraid to try and change for fear of losing everything. I am not a tech geek though I wish to be. I can read simple instructions though and can generally figure things out.

Okay so gotta go get ready and find that pic of what my hair looked like that was so cute.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lydia, Rest In Peace

"Lydia earned her angel wings at 4:35 p.m. today in the arms of myself, Mark and my parents. The sun was just starting to set in the West, when she left her earthly body battered by AML. She is now playing with her godsister in Heaven, and is being watched over by Mary, our heavenly mother, into whom I entrusted her care. I feel a serene sense of peace because I was able to tell her to let go, to fly high in the sky with her wings, and to become the most beautiful angel in heaven. When you look at the sky tonight, look at the constellation Andromeda. Several weeks ago, Lydia and I named a star after she and her godsister Hannah. When you see that brightest of stars in the sky named "HannahLiddy" know that it is two angels playing and laughing in heaven.

There are no words...

I have got to get out of this house

I am going crazy with the dog. Clementine wants to be in one of three places, on my bed, on the floor next to me or outside. The problem is that she wants to be in one of the spots every 5 mins. I can't play in/out anymore.

There is also only so much coffee I can drink without serious repercussions, apparently. Of course it has taken 4 or 5 weeks to realize that as it is now catching up with me.

I am wanting to get a haircut, short, businesslike but I can't truly justify spending the money although a decent cut would go a long way if I ever get an interview, you know what with first impressions and all.

So thanks for the comments on the unemployment. One thing to clarify, individual employees don't pay into unemployment funds, that is only social security and medicare. All individuals pay into it via the cost of products and services. Since employers have to pay a premium for unemployment based on lots of things they take that into account when pricing for services and goods. Kind of like companies don't pay taxes, people pay taxes because the costs are all passed on to the consumers of products and services. But I still don't like it. Oh and the bank will only allow me to withdraw $500 a day from the atm only. Supposedly it isn't supposed to cost me. I will be very very careful with regards to this stupid card so I won't be charged the fees.

I worked on a budget under unemployment. Let's just say difficult. Forgot to add in my tithe and this morning it through everything into the negative. I was in hardship status with two credit cards last year and "successfully completed the program, you are no longer considered in hardship status. Congratulations!" So I called one card and said that I am now unemployed and still in need of the hardship status. The card said basically tough shi*ite, too bad the federal government guidelines say you aren't in hardship until you have missed lots of payments. So back to the 4 walls plan by Dave Ramsey and maybe back to hardship status eventually. Maybe before then I will have steady income. But let's say my credit WAS good again and now it isn't going to be.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mixed Feelings

I was hoping to avoid this. I received the bank card with the unemployment benefits. I can say that I am now on the Government Dole, living off the US Government! I was hoping to have a job by now but oh well.

So I get the rules of the card and to talk to a "live" rep costs $3. Can you believe they charge $3 for an unemployed person to get help on the card? OH MY GOODNESS!! Can you say "Let's rip the unemployed another hole?" That isn't the only charge that is offensive but it is the only charge notice that was sent with the card and not disclosed up front in the initial brochure!!

I only looked for it because of the FoxNews article that pointed out banks making deals with states to manage the unemployment monies for those states. It is cheap for the states but why would banks agree to do this? Simple greed. They know that the majority of people will use the card incorrectly or will use the wrong ATM and the bank will reap the benefits of the majority of unemployed folks who make mistakes!!

There is a $20 overcharge fee when the card states that charges will not be allowed for over the limit fees but you know the bank will allow it because they get the unemployment money before the unemployed person so they will get their bank fees first. GREED GREED GREED!! Let me just say, I had no option. Direct deposit wasn't offered to me here in this state. Each state is different in how it manages the money. Each state uses different banks even. This particular debit is USBank. Oh yeah I am telling which bank is greedy. I say, unemployed unite and tell; get all the noise made about the greed of the banks who are getting federal dollars in the form of bailout money from the benevolent Obama and now stealing from the unemployed!

Oh and I forgot this one, there are only 5 banks near me that I can withdraw money from this card without fees and the dog race track!?!?!?!?!? Who do you suppose that is hurting?!?!?!?!

Today Has Been A Very Long Day!

Very long and it isn't even 10:30am. (maybe when this is posted but you get the idea.) I told G to put her shirt on no less than 5 times. So you know what she does? She goes and looks in the mirror and calls me to see what she is doing and she is in her blue jeans and socks. Where the helk is her shirt???? I lost it. I was screaming so loud that I believe I cleared my sinuses!! Then she laughed at that. OOOHH I saw red or fushia not sure as I didn't have my glasses on. Does she not know I am the mama? Does she not know that I didn't lose my cool just for her entertainment? Does she not at least have respect for the sinus clearing screams? Apparently not.

That landed two swats on the behind, hers not mine. But she didn't cry so apparently it didn't hurt or she was too mad to cry, and boy do I know that because, well, as they say, "like mama like daughter".

Then I get her to school and realize I forgot her sleeping stuff and her bag. Way to go about earning the #1 mom of the year so far! So she ended up going to the "firocapter" with me instead of school.

The doc asked how I felt and I told her great in my shoulder concerns but that my "butt felt like I fell" on it. And G giggled, she thinks it is funny I said, "butt". Apparently there is a nerve that runs down through the bottom cheek, and I guess the way, well I don't guess, I know, the way I slept last night pinched that nerve to make it feel like I fell on my arse, HARD, or exercised hard (which I know I didn't do and causes laughing convulsions at the thought, HA).

It seemed to me that everyone of my animals and my one child needed to sleep so close to me last night that I couldn't move and was all woppie-jawed in bed. Then this morning I get an e-mail from a family member asking me on behalf of ____ not to talk of ____ on the blog. Whatever. Don't read it, and if any readers know of whom I speak in any post, before you take off and tell someone something (that makes this akin to highschool) better clarify with me what I said before things are taken out of context, mmmm'kay, Thanks, Admin.

But I won't discuss ____ at all from now on and will remove ____ from past posts, when I get around to it. Funny the post that offended was more about racism related to G than anything else and not about ____ at all, hmmm. And now I am thinking ___ didn't even read it or ___ wouldn't have been offended.

So then after the "firocapter" I came home, got G's stuff and took that kiddo back to school. Not sure what she missed in the 40 mins she was late, though. She wanted to go to school because she knew today would not be a fun day of staying home with mom. The stress level is rising here. I applied for no less 6 or 7 jobs from craigslist last night. And did you know craiglist even had jobs posted?

I am trying to find anything, freelance writing, HR, part-time, commissioned, anything because this is week two of no pay. Internet options are possible but seems to take forEVER getting signed up or getting to the small print that says, "Pay this exorbitant price and you too can be a multimillionaire. Income levels not guaranteed." Don't you love those?

Twitter can be a money maker but requires more and more followers. So join and follow me, the Ramblingmother, at it is easy and people will find you too to follow. You will be helping out a fellow blogger make a living or at least buy coffee!

Now I am racking my over taxed brain right now trying to think of who reads that would know ___ anyway. Honestly we never ran in the same circles, hmmm. Only one family I can think of but she is too old to be acting all highschool anyway. Oh the internets, how you strip anonymity with anonymity causing strife and ill will in your wake!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Did I Ever Mention

That G is fascinated by smells, good, bad and other? So last night we were in bed trying to go to sleep and someone let go a silent but deadly piece of gas. I accused asked if G did it and she blamed the dog. She learned that trick quickly. I assure you it was not something I trained her in as I lived alone before G, so I never had reason to blame anyone.

So I told G that it was really stinky gas, so she started smelling it. I said, "Stop taking deep breaths!" And G said, "But it smells like gween gas." (green gas) All I could imagine was the noxious fumes drawn in cartoons as green clouds or gas.

I wasn't sure that laughing was appropriate, but I did laugh. I don't want to encourage the discussions of gross bodily functions but G thinks "toots" are the funniest thing in the world. Maybe she will grow out of this, I hope.

About her smelling things, when I say she smells things good, bad or other that is what I mean. She gets paper and smells it. If I get something in the mail, she smells it. She doesn't smell each bite of food she takes but she does smell my coffee. She takes the top off my instant community coffee (that used to be at work) and smells it until I tell her to quit. She doesn't linger over the bad smells but she does enjoy seeking out smells. Does anyone else's kid do this? Or maybe not and maybe mine is the strange one? I don't mind it, I just think she is experiencing her world, learning sometimes anyway.

Real Change

"Is This the Change You Voted For?
"by Scott Wheeler

"How will spending three quarters of a trillion dollars fix the economy? No one had read the stimulus bill before it passed Congress, including the one who said it was absolutely necessary. “I feel such a sense of urgency about the recovery plan before Congress,” Obama wrote in the Washington Post on February 5th. It must be just the mere magic of saying we are going to spend that amount that fixes the economy. I am not being facetious. No one had read the bill when the House and Senate voted on and passed it, yet we were told over and over that if Obama wasn’t given nearly a trillion dollars to spend immediately, the country as we know it would be finished. “Our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that, at some point, we may not be able to reverse,” Obama wrote. It sounded more like an extortion racket, especially since Obama actually does have the power to tank the economy just by saying what he had been saying about how it was the worst economy in our lifetime.

"Obama has nearly a trillion dollars to pass out now to “fix” the economy and no one is bothering to ask the question “what qualifies Obama to fix the economy, and if merely spending money fixes it, then the economy shouldn’t be broken should it?” What experience does Obama have at fixing anything? He has never run a state, city, company or even a hotdog stand. The sidewalk vendors on the mall outside the White House have more business experience than Obama. Not that anyone would know that since the liberal media utterly ignored this lack of experience during the campaign and still failed to mention it while he was holding the economy hostage to get his $787 billion.

"In addressing a question about whether his stimulus bill increasing the deficit by nearly a trillion dollars would actually help the economy or not, Obama responded with a political attack on Bush referring to the deficit he inherited from the previous administration without explaining why adding a trillion dollars to it was going to help anything. Shameful, considering Obama faithfully voted to increase that deficit while he was in the Senate. So much for the politics of “change.” What this tells us is how Obama plans to use the economy he talked down before his stimulus package passed: if the situation improves he will take credit for fixing it and cite government intervention as the solution; if it worsens, he has already laid the groundwork to blame Bush, capitalism and free market economics.

"Revealing their true intentions, Obama’s White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, freely explained to the Wall Street Journal how the administration intends to exploit the recession. "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And this crisis provides the opportunity for us to do things that you could not do before." That sounds like an amateur’s conflation of Machiavelli and Hegel: semantically creating the crisis for drastic consolidation of power in their hands. Now they have all the legitimacy a trillion dollars will buy.
"If it was really necessary to bum-rush the largest spending bill in history through Congress, why wasn’t Obama standing by to sign it as soon as it passed instead of jetting off to his three day weekend in Chicago to be seen in all the trendy spots? Is it because saving the nation from economic disaster interfered with his social schedule? It’s because to Obama it is just all political theater, the words mean nothing -- it’s all part of the show. That is how he is able to tell you one day how America is going to be over soon if he doesn’t get nearly a trillion dollars to hand out and then go out on an excursion the next, using our Air Force and Marine Corps equipment as his personal amusement park rides.

"Mocking the very idea that tax cuts stimulate the economy and productive Americans should get some say over how their hard earned money is spent, Obama wrote, “I reject these theories, and so did the American people when they went to the polls in November and voted resoundingly for change.” But Obama doesn’t represent change; he represents the very essence of the problems that our economy suffers from now, an alarming expansion of bureaucratic, freedom-smothering government. The long march from lean liberty to fat slavery is now at a full gallop. This isn’t the change that productive Americans voted for."

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Alan Sears Speaks Truth

"Welcome to “Fantasy Island” – ACLU Style
"by Alan Sears
“'I am for socialism, disarmament, and ultimately for abolishing the state itself as an instrument of violence and compulsion,' wrote one particularly ambitious contributor in his 1935 Harvard 30th anniversary classbook. 'I seek social ownership of all property, the abolition of the propertied class, and sole control by those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.'

"Seventy-two years later, the American Civil Liberties Union still abides by those words – penned by its founder, Roger Baldwin, who, incidentally, also said that advancing “civil liberties” in countries like the Soviet Union or its satellite nations really wasn’t all that important.

"Happily, most of those nations have come around to a different viewpoint. But while the rotten tree of communism has fallen around the world, there remains one last stubborn root not far from the coast of Florida: Fidel Castro’s Cuba.

"Cuba remains the ACLU’s “Fantasy Island,” where – to hear them tell it – happy Marxist children play together in perfect harmony, and the state makes sure its citizens are cared for from cradle to grave.

At least that’s the glorious depiction in a book titled Vamos a Cuba (“Let’s Visit Cuba”) that the ACLU wanted to keep on the bookshelves of a Florida school. The book makes the communist state sound like a trip to DisneyWorld. But as it did on the TV show Fantasy Island, illusion in Cuba quickly gives way to harsh reality.

"While the book is filled with commentaries on how Cubans enjoy chicken with rice, it neglects to mention that, under the country’s subsidized ration plan, the average Cuban is allowed only 8 ounces per month. Cubans are shown “boating,” but “boating” for most Cubans means trying to escape from the repressive regime on fragile, homemade rafts.

"And mysteriously missing is any mention of the 20-year prison sentences handed out to Cuban poets, journalists, and priests who don’t fall on their knees and worship the communist regime.
When a Cuban-American parent who had escaped political imprisonment in Castro’s “utopia” expressed his concern that the book only showed the Cuba its communist leaders wanted children to see, the Miami-Dade County school board evaluated the book and agreed. They pulled the book from its school libraries. That’s when the ACLU – always eager to preserve delusion – got involved and sued the school district.

"This is the same ACLU that endorsed an amendment lifting the ban on tourist travel to Cuba – a long distance slap in the face to Cubans, who now watch foreign tourists feed corruption, pesos, and dollars to the communist government.

"Thankfully, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit recently came down on the side of the school board and ruled they could remove the book. But the ACLU is not giving up, pledging “further legal action.”

"Now, you might be saying, why all this fuss about a little book – one more annoying gnat amid the ACLU’s swarm of legal mosquitoes?

"Well, the irony is that even while the ACLU is suing to allow communist indoctrination into public school libraries, it is suing to keep a lot of other books – which don’t line up with ACLU ideology – out.

"Want your child to learn about other views besides evolution? The ACLU says no. Evolution must be taught, and other options, such as intelligent design, must be silenced.

"Want your child to learn that marriage is the union of one man and one woman? The ACLU says no. “Alternative lifestyles” must reign supreme in the classroom – all in the name of tolerance and “diversity.”

"Want your child to learn that abstinence is the only 100-percent effective way to prevent teen pregnancy? The ACLU says no. Schoolchildren must learn how to engage in potentially harmful sexual behaviors at any time and any place.

"When it’s something the ACLU wants your children to learn, regardless how inaccurate the presentation, they will sue to silence parents and force-feed their leftist view of “education” on America’s children.

"A majority of American parents clearly don’t realize how determined the ACLU is to impose its will on them, to indoctrinate their children, and to promote its own warped legal “vision” for America. It’s a vision that’s closer to the harsh reality of Castro’s Cuba than the fantasies books like “Let’s Visit Cuba” want America’s children – and grown-ups – to believe."

The ACLU is not out to protect the rights of the majority of America, never has been. Oh on the face of it, it may LOOK like they are, but if you look at the battles they have waged the majority has been against Americans. We need to take a stand and fight back for our rights that the government continue to take hand in hand with the ACLU!

The Best Seat in the House

And the cat gets it! Totally on my neck/shoulder. My cat gets on my back often when I am sitting at my computer. This is the only cat that does that. This is Simon, G's favorite cat, except when he's not.

Can you see the lanterns (or some of them) in the background? I hung them all up on the arch between the living room and dining room.

Friday, February 20, 2009

You Guys Need To Watch These

Especially you readers who think Canada has great healthcare. Remember it takes money to make drugs for healing. Pay close attention. There are reasons that a free market work in all areas. I hope in two years we can make obama be a lame duck if he must continue on. I like the bumper sticker that was torn off of a car- Abort Obama (out of office) and Save Babies.

Pay Attention Please!

It is not all about adoption!

Thursday night as we were getting ready for bed, out of no where G says, "Mama you were the first mama to come get me."

I start thinking what this means and make a stab with an answer, "No I was just the first mama to come get you in China, you had a Foster Mommy, 'member?"

G: "No, No, I'm talkin' 'bout today. You were the first mama to pick me up at school."

Oh so every thought isn't about adoption, heh!

Just an FYI

I have a new post over here. This is and is a very interesting place to add your own .02. If you are looking to monetize but wish not to do so on your own blog you can check out squidoo and put your own thoughts and knowledge out there. Do you have hobbies you want to talk about? Get on a lens! Do you have information you wish to share? Get on a lens!

Twitter for those of you not in the know yet, is one of the fastest growing mini-blogs on the net. This is one of the ways Obama made himself known and very possibly helped him get elected. I believe he is the most followed in the world. I don't follow him!

Half the Sky has a twitter site. Each post is called a Tweet. The tweets are limited to around 140 characters. The more people you follow and that follows you truly does mean you have more internet clout than others. Anyone can have a twitter following. Also, if you wish to monetize your blog then get on twitter and push people to your blog. Or if you just want to keep up with causes you are interested in but don't want lots of long readings sign up! You can send messages to those people who you follow and are reciprocating by following you. I am following several conservative twitters and some independent internet businesses.

Join the twitter craze! You can have the tweets sent to your phone but all charges will apply. And by the way, this is not a sponsored post nor a paid ad for either of these sites. These are just what I am currently doing!


This is a contest to find Wenda. Click the Where's Wenda button and read the rules. Some great prizes are available. On the side bar there is another button "SITS." Click there too. This is a great blog that encourages blog comments and support. And who doesn't like getting comments even if the comment is not related to the post. Just to know someone is there reading makes blogging all the more fun. I mean I have a smaller blog that is not advertised, not private, but mine to vent about things I don't want here on the main blog but I am still found there and surprised every time when I get an encouraging comment. So mommy bloggers join the group and support each other. And it is not just for mommy bloggers, that is just how I classify myself!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Please Pray-Lydia and Her Family Need Prayers Now More Than Ever!!

From Lydia's Caringbridge Site:
Lydia had a great day today. Dr. Friebert called with her latest numbers, which are just beyond belief: 262,000 White Cells! meaning no room for much else. Anyone else would be flat on their back, but as Dr. Friebert says we aren't talking about anyone else, we are talking about Lydia--and she defies all odds. She woke up and still has a limp from her painful ankle--swollen inside with cancer cells. She is on a low dose of constant morphine. She hobbles around, but refuses to rest...didn't even take a nap today. She spent a good part of the day outside on the lanai, coloring in her journal. We also did each other's make-up several times today, and of course, watched CATS! Then she wanted to go to the library, but as we were driving, decided instead she wanted to go to Toys R Us. She had a mini shopping spree, and was so excited to rush home and play with her toys. She didn't eat well at dinner, but she still is eating something and drinking-although it has slowed down measurably. We decided it doesn't make sense to transfuse her anymore, as it may actually be more painful to do, since there is little to no room for any other cells in the midst of all the cancer cells. We are just grateful for how great she felt today, and hope for a smooth night (I think they are the hardest). We shall see what surprises Lydia has in store for all of us tomorrow.

Last Night

G and I talked about her getting lost and she admitted that she was scared and that she did cry. She also admitted that she wanted to cry when she saw me. That makes me sad because I know my facial reaction to her prevented her from expressing what she really felt. I need to learn to control my facial responses. This has been a long time need. I would so fail at poker because every thought crosses my face.

Now I wasn't as afraid for as long as she was so my relief was over quicker than hers. Hers turned to embarrassment and kept her from actually expressing the feelings she had. I just hadn't reached uber-panic mode yet. Supermommy commented about the lady not questioning the fact that I am G's mom. Until she commented on that I didn't even think of our being different.

Later our differences were brought out by a well meaning soul. So I will not say that I am totally forgetful that she is Chinese and I am not because to forget that diminishes some of who G is. Just at that moment I wasn't thinking about what that woman was thinking of our family. But yes now that I am thinking of that situation I am glad she didn't question it.

And I am sure you know those "well meaning soul" types that wish to harp on your "goodness by adopting that poor orphan" and isn't she just beautiful (implied: because of her situation coming into your family) without coming right out and saying so. You know if you have adopted a child (obvious family differences) you get those well meaning soul's comment on your family too. These are the people who stay on just the right side in the comments that you can't be critical but the comments illicit an uncomfortable response somewhere in the "protect my child" part of the brain. Can't put a finger on it but something makes you know that the implications are there but to go into detail of how you aren't a savior for adopting would be too much.

At Christmas G was singled out at the Chinese restaurant by the Chinese staff. She was doted on, given candy to, talked about while my very Caucasian nephew was totally overlooked. Yes it was obvious, and yes, had I not been mad at my brother I might have been sympathetic attempting to include the nephew, but alas family feud was still broiling, heh. Hey, I am not perfect ::grin:: I don't remember if I mentioned it here at Christmas as I said family feud and all but even that was not healthy towards G to be picked out because of her Chineseness.

Okay enough about that!! I need a waiting for a job- job. I applied for a part time position but it is in BFETN and I can't move. I am putting down the min number of job contacts for the purpose of unemployment, which is 3. I am making way more than that but really I am limited. Now if I were a nurse or accountant or OT or PT or speech therapist I would so be able to find a job TODAY! Maybe I need to go back to school and get OT certified.

I did apply for a perfect for me position with the s.a.(need to keep it secret for now). Kinda hoping I get it. Actually I am hoping I get it. It is close to home relatively speaking and an office spot, HR and payroll.

I sent a possibility to the head hunter last week as she asked me to and then yesterday I get her response about it. Now I know rational people will see the problem with a week's turn around time but if you don't let me 'splain it. Most job boards post positions with closing dates. I wasn't keeping up with the boards until I was laid off. I have no idea (can't remember) when the closing was for the job but most companies want applicants in the first few days not near the end. So I will only send her options of jobs I don't really want or are long shots anyway. I am afraid she will try to contact the good jobs if I send them and ask for money from them for my "placement" which would stop a placement for sure.

Maybe this week or next week one of the other positions will call me back. I re-e-mailed a long shot just because I received no response at all. I am just thankful that the house is rented and hope they can continue to live there so I can pay the note!!

Therapy Today

Today we were taped following a set of instructions. Actually there were 10 instructions. One was feed each other jelly beans. Okay so we failed that one because I don't like jelly beans. Had it been cheerios or white chocolate coffee beans I would have been all over that. Then one was thumb wrestle with your child. G has never thumb wrestled so I had to teach her, no biggie. Then one was teach your child a new thing. Well earlier we had done the whole thumb wrestle thing. I tried and tried to come up with a "new thing" and couldn't so I taught her (probably wrong) SOS. Does anyone remember that game?

One was build with blocks and have child copy. We did that and then I copied G on building, not in the instructions. G noticed she copied me on two things and I only copied her on 1 thing, oops. Then one was to leave the room for 1 min. One was make the toys play with each other a duck and a turtle. G wanted to pretend that the turtle (hers) was going to eat the ducks (mine) so I had the duck jump on the turtle (very violent I know). I told her turtles don't eat ducks and with the "warning face" she said, "It's pweetend" through gritted teeth. Then we raced them and you know who won? Not me 'cause she traded for the duck and a turtle, well, a turtle is very very slow.

One was lotion each other's hands. When I read that, loudly I said, "Oh G you won't like this." So that is a bad mark except that G doesn't like lotion. We used to lotion her up after every bath no matter who gave her her bath, me, grammie or grandad, but at some point she decided the lotion made her hot and she hated it. Did I say, "hated"? I meant "HATES with a WHITE HOT PASSIONATE HATE" lotion on her. She will put some (a very little bit) on her face when I harp
strongly encourage her to.

One was put hats on each other. G didn't like that either, and I sort of did that earlier (before getting to the instruction) just playing around. I have no idea how the feedback will go but I will let you know next week, 'cause I am all about the sharing!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So while at the children's museum looking at the Children from China exhibit, I stopped to listen to one of the parts as G went on ahead of me, I thought to the next part. I listened for her and didn't here her. I looked around the corner and low and behold, no G. So I called her. No G, then I hear "Beverly" and I called G and hear my name again. In comes G and another mother. G had gone farther than I thought, got turned around and couldn't find me again.

I a moment later, I saw the mom and thanked her. She said that G was beginning to look a bit frightened and started to cry a little (she didn't cry when she came back to me). This mom asked her if she was lost. G said yes and then the lady asked if she knew her mom's name. G told her clearly and correctly (YEA G!!). So the mom said, "I just hope my girls can say my name that well." I was a little miffed, but I remember getting separated from my mom at the grocery store once or more. Scared me to death, well not really to death but sort of. I was notorious for getting lost as far as I remember.

G sucked up her scared feelings though when she saw that I was a bit miffed. We didn't get separated again. The mom was really kind, and I would have done the same thing if it were another child. I will not make the assumption that she just went up a little way again though. G has also been hiding from me the last day or so. She did it to me twice in a store yesterday; I guess that was my warning and I should have taken heed.

What we did today...

crawled through a rat's maze giant puzzle, drove like a maniac tested the car,

weighed ourself (and yes it is singular as the numbers didn't go up high enough for me), planted rice,

said "hi" to a waterbuffalo,

built the Great Wall,

starred in an opera,

and played the drum; all at the children's museum.

Today was therapy day so after that we headed to the museum where we actually caught up with a friend but G decided to act like a brat play shy and refused to play with her. I mentioned her in a post about a year ago and am too lazy to find the post now. She was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma a year ago today actually. She is doing very well but still has roughly 2 years left of weekly chemo. Her parents keep friends and family informed on a caringbridge site.

Such a different outcome than Lydia who is truly in her last few weeks with AML. If you haven't been to her caringbridge site lately go now and give her mom some emotional comfort. I can't imagine knowing and watching your child die. I don't have that link here either but it is on this blog site as well as other blogs.

I also picked up some ink cartridges for my printer. I have one position I am applying for that I think may be a good thing but I doubt I will get it. I am almost convinced that this is my time to find something I can do at the PC and make money but I need an opportunity that has little investment or is willing to take a payback on investment after income is earned.

Oh and now I am on Twitter as the RamblingMother. If you are there find me. If not, well, get on there, what is stopping you? I am not linking that to my cell and I don't post much but that hasn't stopped anyone from following me, heh! By the way, not that I am looking or anything but some of the men that have chosen to follow are rather good looking in the profile pics, not that I am looking or anything.

Monday, February 16, 2009

G's Conversations

With everything going on and the stress up to my eyeballs, I haven't been in the mode to remember all of the funny and important things G says at least to blog it anyway. But here are two things from this week. One was just funny and one falls into the "things that make you go hmmm" category.

One morning getting ready for school:

The scene- my bathroom. I am combing G's hair at the bathroom counter and she like always is messing with things on the counter. Some of the things are mine and some are hers. One thing (I will let you guess whose) is a plastic frog that she stacks on top of bottles etc.

The toilet is next to the sink roughly 9 inches or so away, which has sometimes lead to things getting knocked into the toilet as G messes. This morning the toilet lid was up so it was probable that something might have gone straight in.

The frog gets knocked off the counter by G. I say, "G you better be glad that didn't land in the toilet because if it had that sucker would be gone."

G (without missing a beat), "It's not a sucker it's a fwog."

Saturday morning on the way home from errands, G: "Mama, did grandaddy sabe you?"
Me: "Um, what do you mean?"
G: "You know sabe you til Gwammie gwoed up? you know after she was a baby and gwoed? you know, waited for you?"
Me: "Did he save me until Grammie grew up and could raise me?"
G: "Yes."
Me: "Um, nope, Grammie and Grandad are roughly the same age. They had me. I grew in Grammie's tummy. Grandad didn't have to save me until Grammie could come get me like your foster mommy saved you for me to come get you."

Now understand, G is not using the word saved as in saved from something but more like saved for something like saving a seat for a friend. I never use saved in reference to her adoption, she wasn't saved from China or from the orphanage or foster mom. She was in a sense saved for me as in held via paper work for my match etc, and held/raised by a foster mom until I could travel (was invited by China) to pick her up in China.

I will tell you this age thing is just confusing to G. She always wants to know who comes first and whose birthday etc comes first or last.

Pictures from the cell phone

This was taken Feb 7 at the children's museum. G is up in the puzzle maze looking down or climbing. She has the white and pink shirt on.

This morning at the chiropractor. She was enjoying a few moments of therapy herself.

Two summers ago eating extra large butterbeans from my mom's house.
These were from the cell and I needed them off before I lost them all. This was the best place to store them.

Go Ahead, It's Your Duty!

"Democrats, Health Care "Reform," And Your "Duty To Die"
by Austin Hill

"Welcome to the Era of Obama. You now have a duty to die.

"I'm not saying that someday you will die (that's a given).

"And I'm not saying that you should be given the "right to die" - - the freedom to take your own life, or to direct your Doctor to put you out of your misery - - that's something entirely different.

"I'm saying that someday, if current trends continue, your United States Government will determine that you have a “duty,” an obligation, to die. (Think Logan's Run)

"It’s bad enough that hundreds of congressional members voted to spend nearly one trillion of our dollars, without even reading the so-called “economic stimulus bill” and without knowing fully what our money is being spent on. It’s even more horrific to know that more of our tax dollars are being allocated to the Office Of Health Information and Technology, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services, and that the bill also provides for the beginnings of a nationwide “health records database” that will track the healthcare of every person in the country.

"As recently as last Monday, President Obama was praising the nationalization of health records, and the “conversion” of health records to electronic formats, noting that managing electronic data is less costly than managing hardcopy documents. But unfortunately, the creation of a nationalized health records database also creates another means of “cost cutting” - - namely, the denial of medical treatments to severely ill and elderly patients.

"Language in the health care sections of the “stimulus bill” stipulates that the Department of H.H.S. will provide “appropriate information to help guide medical decisions at the time and place of care,” and also allows for “penalties” to be assessed to physicians who “spend too much” on individual patients. Essentially, we now have the beginnings of a governmental agency that eventually will, by force of law, determine which persons will be eligible for health care, and what treatment they will receive.

"As noted in a recent Bloomberg news article, the way in which the Office Of Health Information and Technology is being expanded emulates the plans put forth in “Critical: What We Can Do About The Health Care Crisis,” a book authored by former Senator (and would-be HHS Secretary) Tom Daschle. In the book, Daschle praises the Western European nations for, among other things, the ways in which they have “nationalized” health care, and have ‘contained” health care costs.

"Yet, not surprisingly, Western Europe’s utopian ambitions to “insure everybody” and make healthcare “free” have by no means been realized. In fact, the nationalizing of healthcare in Europe has led to worsening government deficits, and increased healthcare costs, and efforts to contain those costs have resulted in the denial of treatment to those persons not expected to live much longer - - that is, the elderly and the seriously ill.

"This “need” to deny people health care has frequently, in Europe, been cast in terms of one’s “duty to die.” The idea is that, once you have lived “long enough;” after you have consumed your “fair share” of the earth’s resources; and when your combined age and health conditions make it “obvious” that further efforts to prolong your life just simply “aren’t worth it;” you will then have a responsibility to accept these consequences, and to accept that you’ll just have to get along without life-sustaining healthcare.

"In other words, once a government employee has determined that spending healthcare resources on you will not produce much of a “return on the investment,” you will then have a “duty to die.”

"Forget the notion that the Doctor-patient relationship is “sacred,” or that you will make “private” decisions about your health care, in consultation with your Doctor. If Democrats continue the trend of "Europeanizing" our American health care, the office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology will eventually be overseeing your healthcare, making sure that if your Doctor spends “too much” on you, they will face federal “penalties, ” the likes of which have yet to be fully defined.

"For over three decades, the Democratic Party has insisted that it is wrong for government to “interfere” with a woman’s medical decisions with respect to the child in the womb. Now, President Obama and congressional Democrats are insisting that government must be involved in everybody’s medical decisions. Worse yet, their proposals threaten human life on yet another front: not only are unborn children threatened by their policies, but so, also, are the ill and the elderly.

"If Americans continue voting for “more government” as a means to “cure” all our societal ills, we will continue to move closer to the point where anonymous government bureaucrats determine when you have lived “long enough,” when you have consumed your “fair share” of resources, and when it is “obvious” that you won’t live much longer.

"President Obama and the Democratic Congress are determined to take us to this point."

This is a very scary. The idiots in congress didn't even read what Pelosi and Reid put in the package. Some kind of transparency huh?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Party at School

G came home with lots of valentine cards, candy and a tattoo from her school party. I was able to go and help out as did several other parents. She ate chips, cheese dip and cupcake icing mostly, heh. Here are a couple of pics I took of her. I usually don't take pics of other kids and if I do I try not to post them. Even at parties I take pics of G only unless other kids jump in the pic.
She is such a good kid and was so quiet at the party. I was proud of how well she did/does. She was not one of the kids running around the room, sticking her finger in other people's food or swiping things, thank goodness! The worst kids were the ones with their moms there. No control over those kids and the parents didn't try to control them either.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hey Mister, Ya Gotta Spare?

Patiently waiting her turn.

Look at that smile!

Dig her shoes?


I did it!

This bowl is serious business.

I think she is a pro! Maybe I should sign her up for a league? She really enjoyed that "bowl" even wanting one at home. This classmate had her 5th bday party at the bowling alley. Not necessarily speaking of the birthday party attendants but the bowling alley had some of the most bleached hair I have ever seen.

Skank-a-mundo and Friends should be the name of the place. It is quite run down now. It used to be a little more clean at least when it was new. Now the lanes are a bit unlevel. There are 4 kid's lanes with rails 3/4 of the way down on both sides to keep the balls from going in the gutters with every throw. The balls were 6 lbs but the generally speaking the kids did well with them. G got a few gutter balls but mostly she connected with the "bottles." She also managed to get several spares which I thought was great since she had never bowled before today. Maybe we found a birthday venue or maybe we will wait for a few more years.