Saturday, February 07, 2009

Busy Day Today

G had a birthday party at old mcdonalds to attend this morning, then we dropped off the keys to our renters, then we went to the kids museum then to a late lunch for me and early dinner for G. She fell asleep on the way home 5pm. She told me that I could pick her up and carry her to her chair to wake her up and say, "G, G wake up." Well, I did carry her inside and she did wake up then she made 11 paper lanterns! Anyone need lanterns for the upcoming lantern festival?

Tomorrow is church and nap at grammie and grandad who came home today. Monday is the headhunter appt. and chiropractor first (can't forget that). Wednesday is my therapy feedback for our therapy. I am optimistic that I will have a position somewhere and not need to start the whole unemployment thing. By the way, the unemployment money comes on a debit card from a specific bank and I have no idea in heck how to move it if I ever have to. I hope I will be able to use it to pay bills from that bank instead of my bank. I guess I shouldn't stress about that until the time comes!!

I do have some pics to upload of G making her lanterns that I will get to tomorrow afternoon but for now I have to play chutes and ladders with the G girl.


AZMom said...

I thought we were the only ones to call McD's Old McDonalds. LOL

Hmmm...I think we are good on paper lanterns. My kids make them a lot too. :-)

Hope this week finds you a job!!

Jennifer said...

Hey - I'm a horrible at leaving comments (trying to work on that!), but I have been following your story. Know that you and G have been in our thoughts. We're praying for you as God leads you through this process and anxiously await hearing all that He has in store for you girls!

Susan said...

hey there! Thanks for the award!

I have been incredibly busy lately at work (which spills over into everything else) and haven't been keeping up on almost any blogs, so I was sad today when I (finally) caught up on yours and saw you had lost your job. I'll keep you guys in my prayers. It sounds like you have a lot of things going right now.

Heather said...

I had the choice of the debit card or direct deposit. Maybe you have that choice too.

Christy said...

So busy!! I am so looking forward to your headhunting meeting as well as the therapy feedback. Im also so glad the renter thing is finally figured out-- thank God! Keep us updated!

Christy :)

Vivian M said...

We had a birthday party at the big M today, wish Kerri would tire herself out and nap!

Anonymous said...

I just saw an article on this morning about how these unemployment cards nickel and dime you to death - charges every time you use it. How nice! If I was going that route, I think I would use it as soon as it was handed to me, take out all the cash that was on it, and put it into my checking account.

Elizabeth J.