Friday, February 20, 2009


This is a contest to find Wenda. Click the Where's Wenda button and read the rules. Some great prizes are available. On the side bar there is another button "SITS." Click there too. This is a great blog that encourages blog comments and support. And who doesn't like getting comments even if the comment is not related to the post. Just to know someone is there reading makes blogging all the more fun. I mean I have a smaller blog that is not advertised, not private, but mine to vent about things I don't want here on the main blog but I am still found there and surprised every time when I get an encouraging comment. So mommy bloggers join the group and support each other. And it is not just for mommy bloggers, that is just how I classify myself!

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Mammatalk said...

That sounds like too much fun. I am game! Thanks for the tip.