Sunday, February 22, 2009

Did I Ever Mention

That G is fascinated by smells, good, bad and other? So last night we were in bed trying to go to sleep and someone let go a silent but deadly piece of gas. I accused asked if G did it and she blamed the dog. She learned that trick quickly. I assure you it was not something I trained her in as I lived alone before G, so I never had reason to blame anyone.

So I told G that it was really stinky gas, so she started smelling it. I said, "Stop taking deep breaths!" And G said, "But it smells like gween gas." (green gas) All I could imagine was the noxious fumes drawn in cartoons as green clouds or gas.

I wasn't sure that laughing was appropriate, but I did laugh. I don't want to encourage the discussions of gross bodily functions but G thinks "toots" are the funniest thing in the world. Maybe she will grow out of this, I hope.

About her smelling things, when I say she smells things good, bad or other that is what I mean. She gets paper and smells it. If I get something in the mail, she smells it. She doesn't smell each bite of food she takes but she does smell my coffee. She takes the top off my instant community coffee (that used to be at work) and smells it until I tell her to quit. She doesn't linger over the bad smells but she does enjoy seeking out smells. Does anyone else's kid do this? Or maybe not and maybe mine is the strange one? I don't mind it, I just think she is experiencing her world, learning sometimes anyway.


Sturgmom said...

I admint- I'm a smeller. I love smells! I can totally relate to your G. Fresh homemade tortillas are my FAVE smell ever. :)

Jill said...

G cracks me up! That is TOO FUNNY! Yes, Lucy does this sometimes too with tthe smell thing. It can be a bit embarressing in public! LOL!

Christy said...

Oh my goodness is my owen a smeller. He smells everything and has very interesting comments about the things he smells. He can smell things in things that others dont notice or pay attention to. He has a very acute ssense of smell and really enjoys smelling things.

You ask if they ever grow out of the farting thing. I have a 36 year old husband that still laughs outloud when someone lets off a good one. My 34 year old brother is the same way and I have to admit that living in a house full of boys until mia came home made me enjoy the loud fart and burp as well. When mia hears or creates a fart or burp she yells that she just heard one or created one and hten just laughs like crazy!! So, maybe its just being apart of our crazy family!!

Christy :)

Chelley said...

I m a smeller!!!

And really bad ones ARE really off putting!

Anonymous said...

I'll confess - I am also a smeller. Whenever I go hiking I always break off little pieces of leaves to smell. Drives my friends crazy. STOP SNIFFING EVERY LEAF YOU PASS!!! Except poison ivy. I don't break off or sniff those leaves. Welcome G, to the club!

Elizabeth J.

Heather BT said...

This is odd, but I read or heard that it might be , not sure how to phrase this, she might need strong smells to get a reaction. That might be adoption related, it's something about feedback, needing a larger amount of it to get a response.
Sorry, I'm putting it badly, I'm going to percolate this through my brain and see what clarification I can come up with. All I can really tell you is that I came across this in the last 6 months and the smells part was part of the discussion.
Heather BT

Donna said...

Four year olds in particular love bathroom humor; she will outgrow it. Doodle used to be the one who remarked on the smell, feigning ignorance even when she was the culprit. Tootle always fesses up.

Amy said...

my autistic daughter jessica smells stuff.

a Tonggu Momma said...

The Tongginator is OBSESSED with smells... always have been. Looking back, I can see photos of her in China smelling the sleeve of her shirt. LOL. It's such a sensory thing, isn't it?

Kikilia said...

My daughter will smell things sometimes. It's gotten much better since she's gotten her glasses. I think it was one way for her to 'find' her way around before correction.

Also- some kiddos with sensory integration like to smell things or avoid smells... I have a tough of this and am very sensitive to certain smells.

Vivian M said...

Kerri has a sensory processing issue and she smells everything too. It's almost like she is hyper sensitive to smells and sounds and touch.
And show me a kid who doesn't think toots are funny!