Friday, February 13, 2009

Fun Fact Friday

How about this for a fun/funny (not ha ha but more ironic) fact: my tenant's mother is one year younger than I am!

Another fun fact: The stimulus bill contains money for states to add people to the welfare roles by 80% of the welfare per person!! 1/3 of the bill is giving money for and to welfare recipients.

Another stimulus fact: There is a part of the bill that contains healthcare reform that will prevent elderly people getting the treatment they need for older healthcare problems. Tom Daschle said old people just need to deal with the ills of old age!! Of course the old rich people will never be adversely affected by this bill because they have money to pay for whatever treatment beyond what the government may or may not allow. This will directly affect my parents, your parents and the poor. Those average and below income levels will be affected.

Why won't people wake up and realize the stimulus package is a Trojan horse and this coming from the most transparent administration in history?!?!?!?! Oh yeah right Obama says he will provide ice cream for all and 60% of the country act like 9 year olds with the other 40% realizing they will have to feed the cow and clean up the poop! Wake up!


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh girl, it's funny (well ironic if I can quote) that you say this. A lady at work and I have been saying the same thing. We have one here in the office that just thinks it's all candycanes and rainbows. Like hello, really we barely make it on a good day. But no really why not give more to welfare, yup we're is my atta girl for working 2 jobs and take care of my own world. LOL just my peace of happiness.

Sturgmom said...

Didn't you get your pony when Obama came into office? ;)

I think we have to brace ourselves b/c it's only going to get worse. Praise God that HE is the one in control!

laurel said...

All I have to say is, I was sick before the stimulus went in and now I am sicker. I could throw up over how bad this country is going to get. My parents are in their 80's and my son has a birth defect. This health care deal takes my breath away.

Michele said...

Scary, isn't it?

cheepette8 said...

Scary and sad. I just can't believe the way our country is headed.

Anonymous said...

Soylent green is people! That is the only thing I can think of when reading about what is happening in government now.

Elizabeth J.