Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lantern Making

This is G's most fun thing to do: crafts! This is Saturday when she made lanterns for us. They were easy once she got the hang of it. She ended up making 12 in total.

Her Grammie and Grandad sent her a valentine's card with some money in it for her to buy a checker board. I sort of just taught her how to play it. We played 3 games. She sort of gets the idea but it is hard for a 4 year old to see the whole board. She sees the other person's strategy better than figuring out her own.

I remember my grandparents teaching us how to play it and how they beat us most games. My grandmother played to win and rarely if ever let her grandkids win. My grandad on the other hand let us win and helped us along the way. Good memories.

I am not sure where my grandmothers board and checkers are now. They weren't expensive and she kept the checkers in a butter bowl. The game used to sit on top of the china cabinet in the dining room. We will keep the box this game came in for now. Hopefully we will have lots of fun games and memories.

G said, "Isn't Grammie the best Grammie for me and the best mom for you?" I agreed then she said, "Isn't Grandad the best Grandad for me and the best dad for you?" Again I agreed.

We stayed home today because she coughed/choked all night last night on sinus drainage. And I have killed two mosquitoes today. What is up with that? It is February!! We are going to truly suffer with bugs this summer if we don't get a long freeze! All the flowers are very confused and are blooming, poking their heads through the ground so if we do get a freeze it will kill them. I think the temp is supposed to drop this week but I am not sure. Tomorrow is the feedback for therapy. I will let you know.


Michele said...

Those lanterns are great! Your daughter has such a sweet face.

Marla said...

Sounds like Miss G indeed does have the best Grammie and Grandad. Adalyn still has trouble figuring out her Grannie being my mom, not my Grannie. Kids are so cute.
Love the lanterns.
Hope a job comes your way this week.

AZMom said...

My kids love to play checkers. They have a verison that is a floor mat and large checkers. It's neat.

They also love to make lanterns. AT one point we had enough to cover the dining room table :0)

Vivian M said...

Kerri made these lanterns too! And I agree with G, her grandparents are the best!
Looking forward to hearing how the feedback therapy session went.

fricke92 said...

Love the latterns! We made those with Elise's girl scout troop the other day and the girls all loved it! Hope G is feeling better soon!