Monday, February 23, 2009

Mixed Feelings

I was hoping to avoid this. I received the bank card with the unemployment benefits. I can say that I am now on the Government Dole, living off the US Government! I was hoping to have a job by now but oh well.

So I get the rules of the card and to talk to a "live" rep costs $3. Can you believe they charge $3 for an unemployed person to get help on the card? OH MY GOODNESS!! Can you say "Let's rip the unemployed another hole?" That isn't the only charge that is offensive but it is the only charge notice that was sent with the card and not disclosed up front in the initial brochure!!

I only looked for it because of the FoxNews article that pointed out banks making deals with states to manage the unemployment monies for those states. It is cheap for the states but why would banks agree to do this? Simple greed. They know that the majority of people will use the card incorrectly or will use the wrong ATM and the bank will reap the benefits of the majority of unemployed folks who make mistakes!!

There is a $20 overcharge fee when the card states that charges will not be allowed for over the limit fees but you know the bank will allow it because they get the unemployment money before the unemployed person so they will get their bank fees first. GREED GREED GREED!! Let me just say, I had no option. Direct deposit wasn't offered to me here in this state. Each state is different in how it manages the money. Each state uses different banks even. This particular debit is USBank. Oh yeah I am telling which bank is greedy. I say, unemployed unite and tell; get all the noise made about the greed of the banks who are getting federal dollars in the form of bailout money from the benevolent Obama and now stealing from the unemployed!

Oh and I forgot this one, there are only 5 banks near me that I can withdraw money from this card without fees and the dog race track!?!?!?!?!? Who do you suppose that is hurting?!?!?!?!


Zeemaid said...

wow... never heard of that before. Usually help services are free. Pretty raw deal I say. Personally, I think it would have been better to just forgive all the mortgages rather than give the greedy banks a bail out and a pay raise. i'm not from the US but man that stinks.

Hope you find a job soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog this a.m. :)

mommytoalot said...

Nor have I heard of that.
The economy is so bad.
I'm praying you find a job soon, if not..try're good!

fricke92 said...

It angers me to think of how much certain organizations make off deals like this. Sorry you are having to experience it. :(

Super Mommy said...

Glad you got your unemployment - you need the money and deserve it. I'm sure you will find a job soon!

My blood boils too to hear how greed is permeating through the system . . . I pray this madness stops soon.

greedygrace said...

That's crazy! They charge you to call for help? Insane!

I hope you get a job soon and won't be in need of this "service." Good luck!

Sharon said...

That is amazing! Beverly, I have said it before you really shoul;d write an article, a cloumn or something for FOx etc. I am so sorry but hold on things will get better and you will find something. Hope and perseverence!! I hope that this will give you time and opportunity to stumble into the thing that God has for you, that you will love and prosper at and feel you are doing just what you are meant to do. (Hopefully it will pay alot too!!) haha
I am keeping you in my prayers I promise! Thanks for the sweet commetn!! Alot of us were having trouble yesterday. Blogger! Bridget is afraid of strangers. I don't know what we are going to do about it! (You woulnd't take her would you!?!?)

Anonymous said...

You paid into a fund your entire working life so that unemployment is available for those in need. You are in need. On the dole is when you're lolling around on your couch with no intention of ever working or lifting a finger to pay for the bonbons you spend all day popping into your mouth. You are so not on the dole.

Elizabeth J.

Anonymous said...

and another thing - I read that these cards will often charge you for every withdrawal. So take it to the bank and withdraw every penny that is on it and put it into your checking account.

Elizabeth J.

Days of Whine & Noses said...

I have heard these horror stories from other people. That sucks.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I hope you find a job soon.

Vivian M said...

That's just not right. I would write an article for your newspaper or a news station.

AZMom said...

That card seems to be a big PITA. My husband got one too but so far he has been denied unemployment because of his severance. He is going to reapply next month.

I do hope you find something soon.