Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday update

G and I attended a CNY celebration in downtown city on Saturday. Problem is I can't download any of the pics from my camera to my mother's computer and my computer is still in the shop. We met two other FCC families there as well as several Chinese families which was great. One couple taught us songs in Chinese as well as demonstrated Chinese character writing. G said that was her best part, watching the character writing.

Last night G went to church with my parents. When she came home I attempted to feed her supper. She didn't know what she wanted except pretzels. So I suggested corn with that and a banana. I was all about the fast to get to bed early. So she finished her pretzels, munched on the banana (two bites total) and ate some of the creamed corn then she lifted her hands up (palms up) and said, "What? dis it? three things den nuffin'?"

I said, "Well, you didn't really tell me anything that you really wanted that wouldn't take a long time to fix. Do you want some chicken noodle soup?" So I fixed that for her. Then she said I gave her too much to eat and she was too full!

My neck, shoulder, back area is still in terrible pain. We have attachment therapy appt tomorrow morning. Haven't heard back from the headhunter yet. Left a message with the old headhunter I used 3 years ago. Going to a temp service here in my small town tomorrow between 8 and 4 (one of a million people to be there I am sure).

Meeting 3 families at the house at 1pm today. I hope one has the money to move in and can move in soon. I am heading to a temp service tomorrow after the therapy appt and after dropping G off at the grandparents or back at school. Supposedly my computer will be fixed by Wed. and I hope I will have the money to get it out of hock, so to speak! Daycare payments are fine through the end of Feb.

Parents are headed to spend the week with my nephew for his bday and watch my niece play bball. Then in March my parents are headed to Israel for a tour. I am so jealous and excited for them all at once. Yes I am a bit nervous for them too.

Who besides me haven't bothered to take down the Christmas tree yet. I probably shouldn't even mention that but we haven't been home long enough with that being a big priority. Usually laundry is most important followed by kitchen duty (dishwasher died in October or November so I hand wash dishes) followed by just getting us ready for bed or getting dinner.

 I have to come to my mom's now for the computer so that is how I can even blog. I have to check e-mail as I almost missed one family/potential renter by not checking e-mail. Oh and I totally live by the out of site out of mind philosophy/principal. I see that tree when we come or go but never as a steady stream of sight so it is totally not bothering (except for the small niggling in the back of my mind) me yet.

Anyway, I truly covet your prayers for a good renter and a job.


Super Mommy said...

Bev - I am sure you try a heating pad on your neck/shoulders - how about soaking in a hot tub too? It might help.

Um, yes, my Christmas tree has been down since Dec. 31 - I think it's time . . . you have a little free time now, so just do it!!

I went to Israel in 1997 - there were bombings going on then too . . . I really didn't worry much about it though (this was before kidlets too mind you). Your parents will be fine and will love it - I'm sure. I don't recall ever hearing about tourist being killed, I think they'd be safe!

I will keep you all in my prayers girl!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I am quite sure you don't feel like cooking either....I love her response to what was on her plate! LOL

Michele said...

Lots of good wishes sent your way.
Hope you find a renter and a good job soon.

Vivian M said...

Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.
And maybe stress is not helping your neck/shoulder/back pain. Try to take a moment for yourself to breathe and relax.
Who cares about the tree? You will get to it when you get to it. You have enough to worry about!