Friday, February 13, 2009

No I Am NOT Superstitious

Friday, February 13, WOW! My dad is headed over to pick me up to go fix the pull switch in the fan at the old house. The tenants called last night, well the girl half, very upset because there was no water and no heat and the pull switch had been pulled out of the fan so the light wouldn't come on (thanks last renters). So I called the power company and as I suspected they wouldn't turn the water or gas on if someone wasn't there. But this girl thought all she had to do was switch the power. Anyway, they are still asleep and I just called to wake them up and tell them we are on the way. I can't really do anything but just be there. I feel badly about the timing but when my dad can fix something that is when it gets fixed. I mean we are working on his timing and his kindness.

Today is G's school valentine party. She was very excited about it this morning. I am going to go and help. She wants me to help her only not anyone else. That is not how I do but I will help her as much as I can. Then we go home right after the party. She asked last night if I was going to make her stay there and I said no we would go home.

So I really suck at remembering to call the temp agency between 8-9 and 3-4. I remember it after the fact. Course now I can't find the card, found it. They have nothing. At least I am not refusing anything.

I think I called the girl too early. My dad isn't here yet and that was 15 mins ago. I hate scheduling things between people. Later today I will upload pics of what I did yesterday. Turned out great and I will tell you how you can do this project too. It was not my idea and I no longer have the link for it so just know I am not the idea person on this project.


Vivian M said...

Hope your Friday is fabulous and you have nothing but good luck!

AZMom said...

today was not too bad for me...started out a little rough...but has been fine since about 8 this morning.

I keep praying for you to get a job. Somebody has to be hiring somewhere!

Big hugs!