Monday, February 02, 2009

Okay, The Tree Is Down

Took it down this afternoon. Nil on the two rent potentials. But I will be showing it again in the morning at 10:30am after our therapy session.

My computer is fixed, needed more memory. I am back at my mom's tonight to make copies of the application and have dinner (the less I have to fix the later I have to spend money at the grocery store). Hello, my name is Mooch!

I had been giving a copy of lease and pet agreement with the application but I think I will stop doing that (none of it is signed). I thought maybe by giving all the agreements to potential renters; they would have a chance to read through it and be certain that they are willing and able to live there. Also I think I may not get a year out of this time's lease. Looks like everybody only wants 6 months due to school schedules and possible out of town moves. Right now I am okay with that. Yes I may have to find renter's again in 6 months, but I hope to have a job so it won't be as stressful to do so.

The headhunters are not calling me back, that is frustrating. A very sweet friend is sending job possibilities to me that I will apply for but won't be able to take unless the money is just so good. It would require a move out of city more than 2 hours away from my parents. I know people raise kids without the benefit of grandparents, and though I could do it too; it isn't just about me. My parents would be totally devastated as would G.

There are a lot of ifs about that situation that I truly would need to happen to justify it. Plus the house I am in would sit empty, and I don't own it either, so my parents would be stuck with an empty house to sell or rent which is no fun by the way. I would prefer not to give them that burden. It sounds like excuses but there is a lot I don't blog about here so just readers understand it is really not a fair possibility unless the money is just so I couldn't pass it up. Oh and the job is only a limited time contract anyway, called a sunset job or something like it? It is with a government contractor.

The county I live in currently has the highest unemployment rate in the state. There is so much open land and so many builders and developers went crazy building homes so now homes here really are very cheap. So my parents would be stuck with a smaller house in the older part of town that wouldn't sell because the bigger ones on open land are cheap and no one has a job to buy anyway.

Renting isn't really easy here in small town either just because of the area and as mentioned above the county. For example around the corner from where I currently live, a house has been on the market for 3 years now. The owners have tried to turn it commercial but my older neighbors have blocked it. Now it is for rent and section 8 vouchers are welcomed but it still isn't occupied. So that is how I would see my parents being stuck with a house they couldn't rent or sell.

Now the house I have to sell is in a city in another state without development space, but near a university so truly it is a great investment; not the best for first time home owner because it is so difficult to re-sell. It will sell and would be sold if I didn't still owe so much or if I could short sell it and get out from under it. Though my asking price is fair for what I owe and (I am not getting money out of the sell either) the house itself, the area doesn't really support it right now. If I could get renters to bide my time then I could get what I owe down in order to continue to drop the price.

About my back, the chiropractor said my muscles are so swollen and pinching on the nerves that heat would be much worse. My dad has back issues too, lower back though. He is at a different chiropractor this afternoon. His doc told him the same about his lower back, no heat/just ice, due to the muscles already being so swollen. So we are a pair huhn?

Now that I have my computer back and no copies are needed other than for tomorrow I will be updating pics and stuff. I may be able to check by blogs too. I have missed you guys so much!! That is visit blogs between Internet job searches!!


amy said...

Cant wait to take lynnmarie to the Memphis zoo one day!!!!

You are prayed for

Momma K said...

Just popping by - love your blog.

laurel said...

I hope this get better. Keep looking forward and ahead.

Donna said...

Congrats on getting the tree down. I took the opposite approach: taking ours down too early on December 29. Good luck on renting the house and on the job search.

Vivian M said...

Hope you get better soon, being in pain is no fun.
Still praying!