Friday, February 13, 2009

Personalized Magnets for Yourself or Gift

Okay, you start first with these glass pepples that are typically used in vases or fish bowls. Make sure you have clear ones either small or large.
Then you take these index pictures from when you have pictures printed at Walgreens or Shutterfly or any where that gives you the index card of pictures.

Then you cute the pics out and glue the picture with clear drying glue to the flat part of the marble/pebble thingy. You can either cut it to fit before gluing or after.
I used the whole index pic for the large pepples and only sections of the picture for the small ones.
Then cut a bit of magnet strip and stick to the back of the picture when it dries for the small ones.
For the larger ones I cut construction paper to add to the back of the picture to bring out color in the pic. This set I used blue and green based on what how the picture looked with it behind it.

Then I stuck a piece of magnet on the back of the large ones. When they are totally dry you can trim them up and make them much neater.
The original blog that posted the directions for this project used printed paper to make magnets.
I decided for more personalization that the index photos work wonderfully well.
Christmas 2007 I made a friend of mine some magnets from the index card of a trip to NY that she and I had taken. So she has personalized magnets of NYC where she goes often. Some of the sites were Times Square, Central Station, and some other more recognizable sites but we didn't see the statue of liberty so none of that.

I also made some magnets of London for a sister in law who loves to travel. I made some magnets with pics from Greece, London and Amsterdam for a cousin who would love to travel but hasn't yet. G helped me make some for my sister too that year. It was confusing for her to put the glue on the front of a pic though.

These photos of the finished project didn't come out as well as I would like but you get the general idea. I love them. These pics have had double usage. I printed the series and framed (cheaply) a set of G playing in the water for my mom for Christmas and then of G on the trolley for myself. I had given mom the option of what pic she wanted and she chose the water theme. And when I say framed cheaply, that is what I mean, the frames were $2 or something at Wally world.
Now I have the complete set of pics made as magnets and I love this set of pics. We had gone to the farmer's market in May 2008 then rode the trolley and then played in a fountain. I blogged about the day here.
The pictures that I had printed to even get the index card I got printed for free from a Shutterfly offer! The glass marble things were $1 a bag from Dollar Tree and the glue was probably that cheap or more from somewhere. The total cost of this project was mostly my time.


Vivian M said...

What a cool project! Thank you for sharing. Even though I am not very crafty, this looks like something even I can do.

fricke92 said...

What a great project! I might just have to try this!

AZMom said...

Very cool project! I am going to have to try this one!